Self Healing

DECEMBER 11, 1985

You'll need either an apple or a banana for this set.

1. Sit in easy pose with your arms stretched straight out in front. Put your fruit in your right hand (if you are male) or your left hand (if you are female). With the opposite hand cover the fruit, keeping your hand about 4" to 6" above it. Keep your arms straight with no bend in the elbows. Close your eyes, go inward, and concentrate. Create a connection between the navel and the fruit so that you gather the energy of the navel and project it in blessing into the fruit. This is for self-healing. The praan, the life force energy, lives in the navel point. You are taking that life force and blessing the fruit. With the hand above, you bless the fruit below.

There will be a lot of obstructions in doing this: body won't participate, mind won't concentrate, and you won't like it. Between the three, bring out a balance.

To add strength to yourself (it is not absolutely necessary), play Ragi Sat Nam Singh's tape of "Jaap Sahib".

Fruit is often used as a kind of psychic storage device. Fruit is etheric and grows well above the earth. It has a subtle quality that lets it easily absorb pranic energy and become a useful tool in healing exercises.

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