Strengthen Magnetic Field Open the Hrdayam and Atma Sphurana in Atma Nadi

1. Triangle pose, raise left leg, inhale and bend arms to let head touch ground, exhale stretch arms, continue for 3 minutes, then alternate legs

2. Horse stance, a. arms stretched, palms clasped to the right, left hand clasping right palm, inhale arms raised to 60d, exhale arms lowered b. arms stretched forward, palms 6" apart, exhale, swing arms wide and inhale

3. Ez pose, arms at 60d, palms facing up, LDB

4. Rock pose, sitting on heels, left arm in front, right arm in back, palms up, BF, reverse arms

5. Rock pose, palms cupped at chest, inhale extend arms and tilt head forwards, exhale bring arms back to chest

6. Cow pose, balancing on elbows, palms cupped before face, heels to buddox, balancing on knees, LDB

7. Rock pose, head and arms stretched forward on ground, relax 3 min

8. Rock pose, spinal flex

9. Ez pose, wrists against forehead, palms cupped, then inhale palms open, exhale palms closed

10. Laya Yoga: (Pull the root lock and pull chin in with the sound "eh" - vibrates and opens the centers along the silver cord - the spinal cord into the head)

Ad Guruay Nameh Gugad Guruay Sat Guruay Nameh Siri Guru Devay Nameh

Lessons In Gnagi Yoga

Lessons In Gnagi Yoga

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