System I

OCTOBER 22, 1985

1. Sitting in easy pose, bring your hands into prayer pose at the center of your chest and then extend your arms out to the sides. Return them to prayer pose and continue, stretching the armpits as much as you can when you extend the arms out to the sides. Breathe long and deep. Keep moving faster and faster, extending the arms all the way out. You are exercising your immune system and making it stronger. After 3 minutes start getting angry and feisty. Start fighting and use the motion to get all your anger out. Continue for another 8 minutes.

2. Sitting in easy pose, interlace your fingers to lock your hands above your head with your elbows straight. Twist left and right from the base of your spine. Do breath of fire and move wildly. 4 Minutes. This is very good for the liver.

3. Lie down on your back and make your body jump vigorously up, down, and all around. Move every part of your body including your head. Move vigorously. This is the best exercise to get rid of anger and it makes the immune system healthy. 4 Minutes.

It is self-control which matters in life. Life is not given to you for any other reason but to experience your own creativity and your own Self in the dignity of its existence.

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