The Age of Miracles

Good things are going to happen.

According to Vedic astrology, the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Rahu (in Western astrology Rahu is the north Node of the Moon) moved into Taurus on May 14, 2002. This was potentially the most dangerous combination for the welfare of the planet. Due to the grace of God, this danger was averted. Hereafter, there will not be a major apocalypse. Shiva wants to give an opportunity for people to turn to God.

(Note: In the Hindu religion, God or the Supreme Being is conceived as having several aspects. Lord Shiva represents an aspect of God involved in the cyclic process of creation, preservation, dissolution and recreation of the Universe. He is generally considered the third member of the Hindu Trinity, the other two being Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu.)

Every religious tradition has prophecies that the End of Times is coming. Is there any truth to it? Yes, there is. It is indeed the apocalyptic time. The Bible says in the Revelation that at the End of Times there will be trouble for Israel. And, God and Jesus will come to rescue it. Most importantly, God is going to stay on the earth plane along with human beings, and rule like a king.

The End of Times

The End of Times will be a time for miracles in the sky. People will be able to see Jesus and the angels in the sky. It is not easy for the human mind to think that this is all real. The Apostle Paul says that the corrupt physical body will change into a pure body in order to receive the kingdom. Other religions have their own view of the End of Times. The Buddhists are expecting the Maitreya (a future Buddha), the Hindus are waiting for the Kalki avatar, and the Native Americans are looking for the White Buffalo. One truth of all these prophecies is, "Yes, the wonderful times are coming soon."

The Age of Miracles Arrived June 14, 2002

I want to add my own prophecy here. The Age of Miracles (also known as the Age of Truth) officially dawned on June 14, 2002. After June 14th the world passed through an unexpected turn of destiny. Destiny had it that there was going to be natural calamities and nuclear war destroying large scales of people. All over the globe. But, God intervened and changed the rules. The developments in the Middle East took an unexpected turn resulting in the humbling of Arafat followed by the mysterious silence of the Arab world over this matter. The almost inevitable war between India and Pakistan came to an end.

Human Consciousness Will Change

The most important change will be taking place within our minds and the way we think. Human consciousness itself will change and be filled with love and joy. Doubt, jealousy, anger, hatred, vengeance, and deceit will be reduced to a minimum. There won't be any walls between countries. Anyone will go anywhere without passports or visas. No one will be left behind without food, clothing, and housing. The Age of Miracles will have two major impacts. It will make the impure people pure, and it will turn the pure people into angels, meaning some people will attain light bodies through God's grace.

God Is Light, God Is Love

I will be teaching many special techniques during the Age of Miracles. And I want you to rest assured that the Age of Miracles has truly arrived. You may ask, "Who is going to come? Jesus, Maitreya, Kalki or the White Buffalo?" I want you to understand God has no name or form. Everyone understands within his or her parameter. In my opinion God is Light, God is Love. He or She or the androgyne (I like the androgyne better!!) will help everyone to open his or her third eye, an energy center located between the eyebrows that is the seat of intuition and awareness.

Most Auspicious Time in the History of the Universe

We are living in the most auspicious time in the history of the Universe. At this time, right now, tremendous spiritual energy is available for you to change your life into the life of your dreams. The great Divine Being Lord Shiva is going to electrify the planet and make it luminous. Lord Shiva has existed prior to consciousness and creation. From time to time he has revealed himself indirectly through his saints, devotees, and in the dream plane of some individuals, and he is revealing much at this time about the unprecedented opportunity for mankind to advance its spiritual evolution faster and farther than ever before in history.

The Time Is Perfect for Accelerated Spiritual Practices

The energy conditions in the world at this time are perfect for the accelerated, fast working spiritual practices that I am teaching. Normally, this advancement in spiritual evolution would require lifetimes of rigorous, devoted practice. However, right now, the Divine is pouring light into our hearts and minds to rebuild a higher, happier consciousness and bring in the promised new Golden Age. I am maximizing this Divine outpouring by providing previously secret practices specifically designed to accelerate spiritual development, with the permission from my tradition to share this knowledge openly for the first time, because the time is right.

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