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Each of the centers in the body, be they glands with internal and external chemical electric secretions or groups of nerves as a nexus or plexus, are inter-linked with all the other glands organs and nerve groupings through a number of systems, including the bloodstream, the nervous systems, the lymph system, meridians and so on. As an example of this, you can look at the charts that have been made for the eyes (Dr. Jensen), colon (Dr. Walker), hands and feet, meridians, acupuncture and acupressure points and similar charts that show the inter-linking of every gland and organ and center with all others.

The glands and many organs provide life and vitality to the bloodstream and the other organs and systems of the body. In particular the sexual fluids pumping into the blood stream have a chemical electric makeup that allows nerves to carry energy and cells to reproduce. It is this fluid that is most vital in the healing of severed nerves. The flow of this fluid throughout the body provides the basis for the nerves, glands and organs to carry a charge and be fully functional in their own work in maintaining a balanced system.

Kundalini Yoga is sometimes mistakenly believed to have something to do only with sexual energy, but in actuality it has to do with the systematic and progressive opening and electro-chemical charging of the entire field.

Wherever there is a concentration of energy through concentrated attention, meditation, through pressure, through breathing, internal or external sound in any area of the body, the sexual fluid will migrate there. Whether the energy/consciousness focus is to learn to tie ones shoes or do one's work in school or one's profession or think up the Theory of Relativity; whether it is to focus in one's hands, the flowing careful focus in a series of tai chi movements or karate movements or free flow of asana movements; whether energy is generated through the combination of postures and breathing in Kriyas effecting certain areas in the body, or the sound of mantras or chanting or inner nada reverberating in the centers; wherever there is the pressure and concentration of energy/consciousness, the body will develop and open the channels in various systems for the sexual fluids to circulate, migrate and fill those areas. This results in those areas building, carrying and maintaining a charge and balancing their energies with all other centers.

As energy consciousness in the body increases in such a manner that the centers, which are like batteries in the body, begin to charge and related glandular systems secrete, the magnetic field begins to become stronger, the polarization of the atoms in the body begins to circulate in an upward stream and the sexual fluid begins to build up a liquid energy pressure in the body.

The body has a number of main nerve systems in the body, collectively called the sushumna. And along the right and left side of the silver and gold cord are the ida or moon nadi (nerve) and pingala or sun nadi, which regulate and balance temperature and a number of other functions of the body and the mind. Of the main nerves, each one is more powerful than the previous, like the sun to the moon, such that the silver cord within the spinal cord of the vertebra, between the Muladara chakra (center at the sacral plexus) and Ajna chakra (center at the pituitary gland at the nerve juncture where the eyes are looking up and between the eyebrows), and all the centers between are as a shadow to the gold cord and its centers, located between the Ajna chakra and the Sahasrara or crown of the head. Finally, there is the Para nadi or Atma nadi, also Amrita nadi (vagus nerve), which runs between Hrdayam (the synod or pacemaker in the right side of the heart, which is situated 1/8th to the right of the sternum) and the Sahasrara (Thousand-Pedaled Lotus or Crown chakra just above the pineal gland).

The Hrdayam is the Singularity of the Self, the Seat of the Universal Consciousness, That place within the body that "sucks in everything" - the source of the pulsation (atma sphurana) of the "I" in the body, which fills all the nerves of the body and rises through the Atma nadi into the brain, where It is focused into the images that appear there, such that there is the notion or impression of "I am the body, and these thoughts and impressions are mine." When this Center opens, the "I" pulsates only "I" as "I" and withdraws Itself from the focusing mechanism of the mind in the brain, and abides in Itself in the Heart.

This Heart is the door to the realization that one always abides as all-pervasive energy/consciousness, as the substratum of images appearing in the field, such that when this Center opens completely, the "whole body is filled with light" which outshines the entire field, simultaneously dissolving the sense of "I" - "Mine" as an identity with the images appearing in the field, and the idea of being a doer.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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