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As the body builds energy/consciousness (prana), the experience is initially the feeling of numbness, tiredness, weakness, sickishness, discomfort, irritation, nevertheless, coupled with some sense of euphoria, balance and mental stillness. This is an indication that, as the glands and organs and nerves are charging and reverting to their fully charged and normal balanced function, they begin to flush the toxins and other poisons into the blood and the lymphs are carrying the excess. It takes a few days for this to pass.

This gives way to a feeling of coolness throughout the body, as though on a hot day one could take an internal cool refreshing shower. This is an indication that the nerves are purifying.

As the glands and nerve centers begin to build a greater charge, they begin to develop a strong chemical electric linkage with all the other centers throughout the body, which causes the intense feeling of heat in certain centers and in the nerves between these centers, which some may mistakenly take to be an active Kundalini.

After a while, as the whole field comes into balance, there is an etheric sensation that emerges into the consciousness, such that one is able to see within the body and without the body, in a sort of three dimensional consciousness experience, the entire electromagnetic field, without a subject or object differentiation. This is the beginning of the glimpse of the Reality and nature of the field, where the idea of a subject seeing an object is discovered to be a passing phase, as one emerges into the awareness of the field.

The experience of the glands secreting and discharging toxins in areas that were previously not fully functional and, therefore, non-communicative with the rest of the body centers, and the experience of the previously partially closed or inactive nerves in nerve plexuses and nexuses, now becoming fully charged, and experience of the realigning those centers with the rest of the body's centers and the resulting overall balancing of the field is much like having a computer in which there are a number of programs that are inactive in the hard drive that have been reinstalled and are now active and fully functional. This is to say that suddenly new emotions and perceptions, which had never been triggered, that one never before experienced and had no way of knowing about, even if told about them, suddenly emerge as part of your overall make up and clarity of vision and understanding of your world in all its apparent dimensions. One is able to perceive and understand with greater depth and clarity than ever before. Yet one may notice that while one's sense of identity has clarified, become less disjointed more balanced with a greater range of capability of seeing and hearing one's world, the underlying sense of one's self as the subject "I" as that single unchanging thread that binds it all has not changed at all.

The result of this coming into balance is that the mind with an inwardly inclining force becomes profoundly still and extremely pure. This stillness itself and the inability to react other than in an instantaneous spontaneous manner that brings equilibrium to every situation, means that the previous random dispersions of the mind and the mind's constant movements - to categorize every internal or seemingly external event in relation to its identity concept, are no longer draining the energy/consciousness from the field into rajasic and tamasic tendencies. Rather this energy is accumulated in satvic pureness of the conscious principal or subject "I," like a building kinetic energy within the electromagnetic field. In short, the gunas no longer attach themselves to gunas, but rather the tamasic begins to resolve itself into the rajasic and the rajasic into the satvic, such that gradually one gains a body of pure light and spirit.

At a certain point the upward streaming flow of energy in the balanced field reaches a point where there is a withdrawal of the energy into the sushumna and an upward pulling of several locks in the body that prevent the downward movement of energy. These locks pull up without effort effecting a sort of magnetic locking sensation as they lock.

These locks, called Bhandas, are located (i) the root lock giving the awakening of fearlessness to the consciousness, situated at the juncture of the pulling of the anus, sex organs and navel, called the Kandal or Nabhi Chakra, (ii) the diaphragm lock, where the diaphragm is pulled, (iii) the neck lock, where the chin is pulled in and neck pulled back, and (iv) 2 other locks in the brain.

As the field begins to become balanced in this manner, what we call the subconscious state reaches a level of pureness, in which dreams subside and eventually cease. When we fall asleep, our consciousness retains awareness and remains awake to experience the nerve vacuum of seeing the energy in the body withdrawing into the ida and pingala and from there withdrawing into the base of the spine and rising up the sushumna, this coupled with visions of stars, the moon, planets, the sun and the hearing of pure inner sounds (nada), such as symbols, a conch, the pealing of bells, thunder and so on and the meeting of spiritual beings that provide insights into, for example, the nature of Turya (the substratum state or self-illuminating screen of consciousness upon which the other states - waking, dreaming a deep sleep - appear).

Similarly, in the waking state, the conscious field remains aware and in peace ("such as the world cannot know"), as the still silent witness of the former subconscious / dream level and experiences the sense of "I" as an undifferentiated pervasive field in which the body is an un-segregated part. Anyone that comes within the range of this field also experiences their own oneness and purity in their heart.

What we call the subconscious or dream state is only there due to the dichotomy set up within the mind based on the notion that there is an individual interacting with a separate world. When we dream, the mind creates an entire world in relation to the identity of the person we believe ourselves to be. This fictitious person then interacts with the world in fact created by itself, to try to work out its varied sense of separateness. When there emerges into one's awareness the understanding or innate knowledge of oneself as the undifferentiated (etheric) field appearing upon a substratum of Being Consciousness, this dichotomy vanishes, as the person now emerges into the perception of an apparently new reality that he (or she) is the (satvic) field of consciousness - no longer fragmented. As this satvic field is pure and still, the continued kinetic energy accumulation carries it towards deeper and deeper perceptions as they emerge in the field of consciousness.

More advanced yogis are able to expand the energy in this field, such that those around them experience the automatic manifestation of kriyas as prana - life force - moves through those areas in their bodies that have blockages.

Very advanced Yogis, Kundalini Yoga Masters, Maha Tantrics and Self Realized Sages, are able to effect a balance, cleansing and purification of the entire magnetic fields of large numbers of people right down to the atomic core of their bodies' centers. In this case the effects and benefits are enhanced if the people attending have been practicing various yogas, somewhat like going to a chiropractor that gives specialized exercises to strengthen the ligaments between the vertebra, so that the adjustments to remove subluxations will hold better and better with each visit.

Initially, as one begins to experience their etheric body, one may find oneself at times sitting quietly, and upon opening one's eyes one will be flooded with a liquid light, sense of overwhelming beauty and the visions of auras. Later auras and three-dimensional visions of the field of such auras and the body's relationship to the planets and stars may also become apparent.

This and many more areas of experience manifest of their own accord, including automatic healing, or one will gain unique insights and knowledge simply because one happens to look within the field with some notion of seeing and that area appears in within one's conscious field, like an instantaneous download of knowledge.

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