The Indispensable Mantram Nama Shivaya

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(Pronounced: Om Nah-mah Shee-vah-yah)

The most important is OM NA MA SHI VA YA.

The most important mantra in this book is Om Nama Shivaya. If you do nothing else suggested in this book, you should chant this mantra every day. Om Nama Shivaya will open new ways to make money, be healthy, and improve your life. It will give you Divine Intelligence to know what to do to manifest your desires. It will do a world of good beyond belief. It will help you to be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. It harmonizes you with all the elemental energies.

> Om is the primordial sound from which everything emanated.

> Om is consciousness.

The Significance of Om Nama Shivaya

The purpose of Om Nama Shivaya is very meaningful. The domain of Om is incomprehensible to the human mind. Om is the realm of all possibilities. Om is Light. Om is Arul, the Divine Intelligence. When you have enough Grace, Om will manifest as Divine Light just in front of you and will envelop you. This Light of Om will dissolve your ignorance. Different Enlightened Beings belonging to different religions have encountered the Om Light prior to their Enlightenment. The Om Light is Allah, Shiva, Yaweh, the Tao, and Nirvana.

Nama represents lower worldly realities like earth and water and the karmic and egocentric life. When saying Nama, visualize a home, a nicer car, a healthy body. For wealth do not concentrate on just money as a concept, but precise images. Be focused on what you need the actual things you need. For example, you can visualize physical money as loads of bills stacked on tables, or baskets of gold coins, or a wallet filled with thousand dollars bills.

Shivaya represents higher life and Shivaya gives the awareness of the Divine existence, which is the right of every human soul. When saying Shiva (pronounced shee-va), know that Shi is energy, Enlightenment, wisdom, all knowingness. Va is material energy. You are a material being. Ya is space energy. When chanting this part of the mantra, remember that the portion with the sound Shiva will bring a tremendous amount of energy. Never forget the sound Shiva. This is the greatest mantra. Cultivate the habit of the sound Shiva in your life.

The Effect of Chanting Om Nama Shivaya

The chanting of Out Nama Shivaya does the following. Om cleans up the consciousness. Nama awakens the lower realities necessary for earthly existence. Shivaya helps you to be grounded in awareness of the Divine. One should chant Om Nama Shivaya with this full understanding.

How to Chant Om Nama Shivaya

Due to the enduring power of this mantra, there are literally thousands of ways to chant it. I recommend two easy ways to quickly benefit from this mantra's extraordinary power. The first method is an even, steady-paced chant of Om Nama Shivaya done 108 times each day, ideally using ShivaShakti mala beads (available for purchase through Vaaak Sounds). This actually only takes a few minutes. The second method is the One Minute Meditation, which is discussed in the next chapter. Remember that consistency, combined with faith, is what brings results. Chanting Om Nama Shivaya is great to do throughout the day to keep your mind focused on higher thoughts and energies. You can even do the chants while performing other tasks. Having a watch that beeps each hour to remind you to say the chant (and focus on your manifestation goals) is one good approach. Be creative with how you remind yourself throughout the day.

Put Shiva in Your Consciousness

Let the sound of Shiva be running in your consciousness side by side with whatever you are doing. This will bring energy to manifest whatever you want. Live your life as though you have already manifested your desires. Don't give energy to fear and doubt. Always stay in a positive mode and with the sound Shiva.

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