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Up to this point, the experience is still not that of the Kundalini. Thus far, the experience was of the awakening to the awareness of the pranas that regulate life in the body and its functions, and in the process the movement of that prana in effecting a charging and purification of the centers and magnetic field of the body. But when the satvic mind becomes profoundly still and the locks begin to pull, the upward moving prana comes down and the downward flowing prana comes up and they mix in the Kandal region and send a charge that causes the release of a drop of vitalized sexual fluid into the spinal cord. Immediately the fluid penetrates upwards, sometimes causing the spine to crack into place as the force of the energy rises. The centers along the spine are directly effected and open and, as the fluid passes into the 4th and 3r ventricles of the brain, it reaches the pineal gland, which begin to secrete.

The pineal gland in an adult is the size of a pine nut. But in babies until the age of 7, when the frontal lobs of the brain are fully developed, the pineal gland is the size of a chestnut. Then it gradually shrinks to the size of a pine nut by the age of around 12 - puberty. But when the Kundalini force with its super charge of the sushumna and all related nerve centers reaches the pineal gland, the pineal begins to secrete and expand again, effecting a further evolution of the body and the awakening of an awareness within the field that is of a much deeper nature.

It is through these deeper awakenings that many of the forgotten yogas have been brought forth again and again in age after age. All the yoga systems are interlinked with the systems in the body field, similar to having programs that, when you access them, there are instructions, in this case internal intuitive knowledge emerges in the conscious field, on how to use them effectively, such that, as the body field continues to evolve, the knowledge of many yoga methods and practices returns to the consciousness of man.

The body has 9 gates that open to the external world (mouth, eyes, ears, nostrils, anus, sex organ) and one gate at the crown that is closed, where the baby's soft spot is located and through which the soul descends and animates the body. When the Kundalini begins to rise, these 9 gates close and the Tenth Gate opens, which opens the consciousness to the spiritual world.

The body field is then caught in a pillar of upward streaming nirvakalpic Light (energy consciousness) that is so powerful that the top of the brain seems to open and one passes beyond any thought whatsoever into pure radiant light.

But the practice is not at all purely technical and involves both the earnest quest for God and Self-Realization and love of hearing about the Lives and the Wisdom of the Sages, Saints and archetypal Saviors, without which, while higher centers may heat up and charge, the effect will not remain, and the accumulated energy will dissipate and progress will be frustrated.

With the affecting of some balance in the body along the silver cord, such that the electromagnetic field begins to charge in the area of the Anahata chakra heart area, there is a simultaneous linkage with the Ajna chakra that enables the seeker to see a light in that area, just behind and between the eyebrows. Sometimes the Ajna chakra light may radiate constantly. As one's attention is turned inwards and up towards the crown, one begins to travel (as it were) up the gold cord. As the centers of the gold cord open and secrete, they also cause the simultaneous opening and evolution of the lower chakras. With this voyage are heard many sounds and many visions are possible.

In regard to this yoga path of Shabad Yoga or Nada Yoga, over 5,000 years ago, while Rama was taught the Highest Truth of the Self and to abide as the Ground of Being, and for thousands of years untold millions repeat and chant His Name, and remain devoted to Him as the essence of purity (e.g., Gandhi's last words were "Ram, Ram."), Rama is also known to have taught the path of the spirit sound current, which is also taught as one of the main teachings re-established by the Ten Sikh Gurus as part of the Sikh Dharma, and outlined in detail in the Guru Granth Sahib, where the Highest Center is called Sach Kand.

Meditations related to this path are also taught as part of a number of interrelated practices in Tibetan and White Tantric Yoga.

In a unified Kundalini Yoga practice, Shabad Yoga or Nada Yoga plays a part in the development of the whole man, the True Man and True Woman.

"Oh, my ears, you were meant to hear only the Truth for this reason were you given to a man that he might hear the word, which having heard the body and mind blossom forth, and the tongue is rung with its flavor, the Lord is wondrous and imaginable, His Name none can tell, sayeth Nanak.

"The Lord placed the Soul in the body's cave, and the air held the music of life, and He gave each one, nine gates, with the Tenth remaining well hidden. And the tenth door was open to Him who truly loves the Guru's Wisdom and there resounds the Name in Myriad form. It is a treasure that none can imagine, sayeth Nanak"

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