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The sound Ah has the ability to attract everything to you.

This chapter contains two techniques you can use for manifestation, the Ah meditation and the Ara Kara mantra. Both contain the powerful Ah sound. The sound Ah has the ability to attract whatever you strongly and clearly desire. The sound Ah is a key component of the Ara Kara manifestation mantra that has been kept secret for many centuries. Ara Kara is a resonance chord for prosperity, perfect health, and enlightenment.

Ara Kara Alters the Atomic Structure of Your Mind

Ara Kara is a supreme mantra capable of attracting desired outcomes into your life. The mantra Ara Kara is a powerful sound capable of altering the atomic structure of your mind. By understanding how these sounds can change your mind, you can learn to change your life by changing and regulating your mind. The sounds Ara Kara have the ability to attract everything to you. The Sound AH is the embodiment of desire. RA symbolizes the fire energy, and KA is an important principle of materiality. The sounds Ara Kara can transform a psychological reality into a material reality. When you vibrate with the sounds Ara Kara, your thoughts also begin to vibrate with the sounds Ara Kara. This is the key. Your thoughts will now have the ability to manifest in a three-dimensional form.

The Ah Meditation

The secret meditation for manifestation that I gave to Wayne Dyer and which he presented in his book Manifest Your Destiny is called the Ah Meditation. Time and again I hear stories of individuals manifesting cars, houses, jobs and other things they desire, using this meditation. Bring any thought that you want to manifest to the third eye and interject this thought with the sound Ah. This sound has the power to empower your thoughts. I gave this meditation to Wayne and told him, "Experiment with this in your life and if it works, take it to the world." Wayne did take it to the world and now at least a million people are using this technique.

The Sound of Creation

The basis for the Ah Meditation is that creation takes place in two centers. One is the sex center, the sex chakra (located by the reproductive organs), from which the energy is released to create a baby. Creating a baby is a mystery, a joyous act. You can also create through the third eye chakra, which is between the two eyebrows and the pituitary gland. Everyone has an option to create either through the sex chakra or through the third eye chakra. You create through the sex center to create a baby, but the same energy can be taken to the third eye chakra and can be released from there.

The New Ah Meditation

Since sharing the Ah Meditation with the world through Wayne Dyer, I have made some refinements to this meditation. You should meditate to the sound Ah, repeating it out loud and use it to raise your Kundalini energy (the energy of pure desire, a spiritual energy which lies dormant at the base of the spine in the sacrum bone) from the base of your spine to your third eye chakra. Then you should also speak out loud about the thing you are trying to manifest:

(The word "must" is like a mantra. It must carry the emotions when you say it.)

> Not having it is not an option!

> Not having it is not an option!

> Not having it is not an option!

Make these statements with conviction and passion. Bring all the passion, all the senses together to see, hear and feel your manifestation. Embrace your manifestation. Hold on to your manifestation. Emotionalize the sound Ah. Mentally have the sound Ah pierce through the images of your manifestation. After your meditation, let go and allow God to manifest for you what you want. Do not worry about it. Do not analyze it. Hold on to the image and energize it with the sound Ah.

Negativity and Doubt Will Stop Manifestation

Negativity and doubt will stop the process of manifestation. The human mind itself is negative and that is why you must use will power to control your mind, to control your thoughts. God will find a million ways to help you. God will open many doors for you. Somebody will knock on your door with a new opportunity, right out of the blue. This is how the process of manifestation occurs. The way to stop the blessings from coming into your life is to disbelieve. You will get everything, not through your human ego, but through the grace and love of God. Do not forget this.

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