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As I have stated, the most important mantra in this book is OM NA MA SHI VA YA (Om Nama Shivaya). Even if you don't use any other techniques from the book, do use this mantra. It is a Divine tool that can not only improve every aspect of your life, but also improve conditions on the entire planet.

There is a powerful meditation you can do using the mantra Om Nama Shivaya. The One Minute Meditation, when practiced even just once a day, will create positive change in your life. For greater power, you can do it twice a day, from one to five times each session (one to five minutes). You can do the One Minute Meditation with your eyes open or closed. It can be done silently, out loud for greater focus, or both.

To quickly and easily get started using the One Minute Meditation, follow the explanation below. For easier understanding, this explanation breaks the chant into two units - Om and Nama Shivaya. When you do the chant, combine both units into a single one-minute cycle (35 seconds for Om, 25 seconds for Nama Shivaya).

Practice Om in the Following Way

Om is formed of three sounds: Ah, Oo, Ma. Count the time with the fingers of the right hand. Each finger will bow down and contact the right thumb. Counting five fingers is five seconds, ten seconds is two rounds of counting. At the level of human existence, Ah creates the waking state of human consciousness, Oo, the dream state, and Ma, the sleep state.

Meditate on Ah for 10 seconds at the root chakra located at the base of your spine. (Chakras are energy centers located at various places in the body). Keep repeating this sound mentally. This will attract all worldly things to you.

Meditate on Oo at the heart center for 10 seconds. This will give you Divine Intelligence and influence your dreaming.

Meditate on Ma at the throat chakra (located at the throat center) for 5 seconds. Ma will create awareness of Maya (illusion). It will create earthly consciousness and provide rest to the system. We sleep one third of our lives, so that is why Ma is for a shorter duration, so you do not become too sleepy.

Meditate on Om at the third eye chakra (located at the brow) for 10 seconds.

Om Nama Shivaya

Nama Shivaya has two units. NA MA is to be chanted at the root chakra and the navel chakra respectively. Nama represents lower worldly realities like earth and water and the karmic and egocentric life. Shivaya is the second unit. It represents higher life. SHI VA YA has to be chanted at the heart, throat and two eyes respectively. Shivaya gives the awareness of the Divine existence, which is the right of every human soul.


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