The Practice of Kundalini Yoga

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We can see from the above outline that the intention of Kundalini Yoga is to purify and remove the blockages in the centers throughout the body's field and in the process to gradually build the upward streaming polarity of the chemical-electromagnetic field centered in the heart to the point where there is a balance of stillness that results in the steady withdrawal of attention and attachment to the tamasic and rajasic tendencies and accumulation of this energy in the pure satvic field, such that when there is enough chemical electric pressure of vitalized sexual fluid (prana) in the field, the Kundalini under pressure will awaken, rising to the crown center, and the process of union will continue along the sushumna from the silver cord, to the gold cord and finally come down the Atma nadi, where the purified Soul (Atman - the Son) dissolves into the all-pervasive core (Brahman -the Father).

At the same time, we can see that the True Man and True Woman are at all times and at any time able to realize the Truth of their Self in the Heart, if they have the chance to hear It told to them, and that the moment this Truth awakens, the entire former process resolves itself automatically.

In fact, the entire spiritual mechanism is already there and in place. Unfortunately, we often get bogged down with the naming, categorizing and defining of the mechanism, which results in the avoidance of the realization that is at hand, sudden and immanent.

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