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The nine gates are the anus, sex organ, the eyes, the nostrils, the ears, and the mouth. The 10th Gate is the passage through the crown, where the soft spot of a baby was located. When the body/mind field become charged and electro-magnetically balanced (and satvic), there is a pressure that causes the prana to be drawn down and apana to be drawn up and mix in the Kandal. The energy/consciousness (awareness) is then withdrawn from attention to the outer senses (i.e., the 9 gates close) and moving into the sushumna, inner sights and sounds are heard as the awareness moves along the silver cord (sushumna) through the passage to the Crown, where one experiences the dissolution of form and abides as space-like all-pervasive Being Consciousness.

With attention on the Ajna, coupled with devotion to the True Name, the awareness withdraws attention from the outer senses (i.e., the 9 gates close) and moves along the gold cord (sushumna) towards the Crown, where one experiences the dissolution of form and abides as space-like all-pervasive Being Consciousness.

With attention in abeyance and abiding as the Hrdayam (as Self in the Spiritual Heart -not the Anahata Chakra), the atma nadi (extension of the sushumna between the Hrdayam and Crown) pulsates with the True Name ("I, I, I, I,..."), the passage through the crown is opened, and one experiences the dissolution of identity to form, the body/mind field is outshines and the awareness abides in its True nature, as space-like all-pervasive Being Consciousness.

This True Name is that self-luminous diamond like screen upon which the universe appears in all its dimensions and planes, infinitely small and infinitely large. In the body/mind field, the satvic guna (sense of the subject "I") attaches itself to the tamasic (thought images) in relation to the tamasic guna (the physical body and sensations), such that the field of awareness is permeated with the idea of "I am this body, and senses, with thoughts and impressions related to a separate world."

As attention is withdrawn from the 9 outer gates it moves inward towards the 10th Gate, where the True Name, the Diamond-like Self, is realized as that upon which the play of the gunas appears, and the awareness experiences the emergence of its True Eternal Ever-Present Nature, where the illusion of the distinction between inner and outer dissolve altogether and the field is outshined.

"Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness" Yogi Bhajan.

"The sushumna is the nerve of the soul." Yogi Bhajan.

The opening of the tenth gate is also explained in a Shabad of Guru Nanak, as follows: "Oh, my ears, you were meant to hear only the Truth for this reason were you given to a man that he might hear the

Word, which having heard, the mind and the body blossom forth and the tongue is rung with its flavor. "The Lord is wondrous and unfathomable.

His Name none can tell, sayeth Nanak "Oh, hear the Nectar Name and become pure for the Truth is what you were created to hear. "The Lord places the soul in the body's cave and the air held the music of life "And He gave each one nine gates with the tenth remaining well hidden. "And the tenth door is open to him who truly loves the Guru's Wisdom, "And there resounds the Name in myriad form.

It is a treasure, which none can imagine, sayeth Nanak"

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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