The True Man and True Woman

The Consciousness of Man is Being and Light. Man, or what we call the body/mind, is really one whole and homogeneous undifferentiated field of consciousness. The distinctions and categorizations of levels of consciousness, such as waking, dreaming and deep sleep, and separate and distinct centers and related planes of consciousness and the various systems and mechanisms in the body, have been defined and developed by the mind of man for the sake of discussion, but are really one undifferentiated whole, appearing upon the substratum of all-pervasive Being/Consciousness. This "field" appears in consciousness, and the sense of Being is focused through the lens of the mind with the pure satvic sense of "I" and attaches itself to the images arising in the field, such that we identify with the thought impression: "I am these thoughts and images." "This body and sensations and impressions and thoughts are mine."

When the lens of the mind becomes balanced and purified, there is a natural inclination for the sense of "I" to withdraw and abide in Itself in the Spiritual Heart (Hrdayam) and the field of the body is outshined, such that the focusing power of the mind is no longer used to see, but one sees, experiences and knows as Consciousness Itself, not in part, but in whole, within, without, through and completely. We abide in a state of permanent intuitive unconditioned non-judgmental knowledge, without relation to time or space.

All the centers of the body, the glands and organs and groupings of nerves are fully functional and in balance with all other centers. In this balance a natural polarization of Light streams upward, balanced and centered in a chemical electric magnetic force, operating like a dynamo centered in the Heart area.

The full functioning of these centers is seen like pedals in a flower, where each pedal represents that part of a center (the glands, organs and grouping of nerves) that is interconnected with the other centers, such that as these interrelated areas begin to charge, the pedals begin to brighten and the flower begins to open showing various colors according to the energy vibration (angstroms) related to them at their core, the inter-linking combination of which for the body is seen as auras of electromagnetic light.

Abiding in the Hrdayam/Heart, such a Man or Woman may experience / Witness, as consciousness, the field as a flame of varied colors flowing up the spine and through the top of the head, and an incandescent light in and between the Spiritual Heart and the Crown. Abiding in the Heart, the sense of "I" in relation to images in the brain and the focusing power of the mind are entirely sundered. All activities happen automatically without the sense of a doer. Thoughts bubble up from the unconscious and appear in consciousness without attention. "Definitions have vanished and no boundaries are seen." From time to time they will see the waking world and from time to time they will not, but they will always abide as all-pervasive Self, effortlessly aware of the unconscious whether asleep or awake without the sense of being a doer.

This encompasses the vision that many religions have given of the True Man and True Woman, which somehow we have lost, and many seek to find by adhering to one or another Tradition or yoga or practice.

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