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You can bring in powerful spiritual energies with sacred tools.

There are many spiritual tools available to enhance and accelerate your spiritual progress. They will attract spiritual energy to you, focus your attention, and even dissolve your karma. These tools have been used in India for thousands of years.

Vibhuti (Sacred Ash)

Sacred ash (vibhuti) is to be used in meditation practice on your forehead and optionally, on other parts of your body. The vibhuti I provide comes from India, created under careful preparation according to my highest standards.

This is a tool that comes from the Divine to assist you in opening your third eye and absorbing spiritual realization at an accelerated pace. In addition, sometimes spiritual seekers are not able to attract things because they lack authentic desire. The sacred ash has properties for both erasing karma and for helping you to develop authentic desire.

I recommend using the vibhuti after showering, before beginning a meditation session. You may apply it using the right hand, using your ring finger and dotting the third eye area on the forehead (traditionally, the use of the index finger in applying vibhuti is reserved for one's teacher).

Or you can use the middle, ring and pinkie finger of the right hand to create a three-stripe effect on your forehead or even liberally apply completely across your forehead as a protective blessing during these volatile times, chanting OM NA MA SHI VA YA during the application.

I also suggest, in addition to the forehead, that you put some vibhuti on your throat and on your shoulders. If you wish, you may put the contents of the packets into a small enclosed glass box or other suitable container and keep the vibhuti near your meditation spot or altar. It is okay to wash off your face before leaving the house. Some people apply a very light amount all over their body before going to sleep at night.

Two Functionalities of the Sacred Ash

The sacred ash has two functions. It will dissolve your sins that block your progress and will give you the ability to desire deeply and without judgments. I call the sacred ash the desire powder. If you want to manifest, you need to learn how to desire. Don't get me wrong. Most human people do not know how to desire. Yes, all of you desire, but you desire without passion.

There is a story about the ash. Shiva opened his third eye and burnt down the god of desire (Manmatha). He then put the ash all over his body. Smearing the vibhuti on your body is a sacrament. When you regularly use the vibhuti you will develop ability to desire through the grace of Shiva.

Shiva-Shakti Mala Beads

Rosaries have traditionally been used in both the West and the Far East for spiritual devotions. In India, the rosary, which is called a mala, has been used as an important spiritual tool for thousands of years for counting recitations of mantras. Typically, malas come in a necklace form with either 108 or 54 beads (twice around a set of 54 beads equals a count of 108). The best mala beads are composed of both rudraksha beads and crystal beads. Rudraksha is a small berry that hardens and which is drilled and strung. It is found in many locations throughout the Far East, and varies in its spiritual quality.

Rudraksha beads, which symbolize Lord Shiva, increase the power of your mantras. Crystal beads, which symbolize the Goddess, store the spiritual power contained in the mantras. Lord Shiva gives spiritual evolution, and the Goddess gives material possessions. According to the sacred scriptures of India, the Universe is created when the masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) elements come together. The process of creation of matter occurs when the male energy is ignited by the female energy. When you use malas with both rudraksha and crystal, you are strengthening the balance between spirituality and materiality in your life. Using both these types of beads will give you the very best results in chanting mantras.

I have created my own custom-designed Shiva-Shakti malas using both rudraksha and crystal beads. Only rudraksha of the highest spiritual quality is used for these custom malas. Some people like to wear the mala beads to access this spiritual power stored in them.

A mala has one bead at the end that is called the "meru" (the Sanskrit word for "mountain"). This bead contains the accumulated spiritual energy of all the mantras recited using the mala. When using a mala, you should not "cross over" the meru. When you reach the meru, you should start counting backwards, until you reach the meru again, and then continue backwards again, never crossing over the meru.

Crystal Shiva Linga

A Shiva Linga is a powerful ritual and meditation tool. The linga is a symbolic icon representing the male and female generative organs. This is an ancient sacred, tantric symbol for the creative and powerful energies of the Divine. This is a potent form of Lord Shiva containing both the masculine and feminine energies of the Divine, the sum of Divine Intelligence and Compassion. Crystal is a material that amplifies subtle vibrations. It is used in meditative arts only for positive purposes. Doing ritual and meditation practice with a crystal Shiva Linga accelerates the practice.

Some people keep a crystal Shiva Linga on their meditation table or altar. I suggest that you make a daily practice of pouring a small amount of liquid over a crystal Shiva Linga. You can put the crystal Shiva Linga in a small cup, pour a small amount of milk or water or juice over the Shiva Linga, reciting the chant OM NA MA SHI VA YA a few times. This simple practice strongly focuses and energizes your prayers and brings Divine energies into your daily life.

When done, rinse off the crystal Shiva Linga and dry it off. Some people place a flower or offer incense or candlelight when they return the crystal Shiva Linga to their meditation table or altar. If you want to drink the liquid you poured over it when it was in the small cup, that is fine, as a kind of "communion."


In India, fire is the messenger between human beings and the gods. Fire is called Agni. Agni himself is a god. He creates gold out of mud and is pure energy. Lighting a candle brings in powerful spiritual energies and immediately transforms your space. I have never seen a ritual more powerful than lighting a candle. Lighting a candle brings different energies into focus. It creates the flow of Divine energy. Having one or more candles burning at your altar is a potent tool for drawing spiritual energy into your life.

An ancient practice for immortality and purification is to keep five candles burning when you go to sleep. The Siddhas taught if there is enough light, there won't be any disease. You must use common sense if you try this. Have smoke alarms and good ventilation and so forth, and only use candles that have lead-free wicks and are safe. Some people have found candles that can burn all night safely, the kind some churches use in their sanctuaries. If you cannot do five, that is okay. Do what you can. Even one candle burning at night is purifying. But again, only do this if you can do it safely. Some people with pets or small children will not be able to do this safely.


Flowers contain energy from space. You can speak your prayers to the flowers and offer them to deities. You can energize your life by having a flower on your altar. Handling flower petals brings you in contact with a very pure vibration. You can use flowers to dissolve karma by rubbing flower petals on your body.

There is a gesture some people like to do to honor the sacred use of these flowers. When the flower petals have dried up, do not discard them in the trash. Flowers that have been used in spiritual offerings can be scattered onto the earth, someplace where people will not walk on them, and they will just recycle into the earth. Some people who live in city apartments with no yard, collect their used flower offerings into a paper or plastic bag and scatter them in a park or field when they take a walk in open nature.

Flowers come from a very pure dimension. They carry space energy, the energy of akash (space). Your karmic records are said to be stored in the Akashic Records, the realm of space energy. And flowers have the occult (hidden) power to help you access Akashic Records. This spiritual technology is like directly updating a database! I promise you, if you work with the flower petals and the karma-busting mantra Thiru Neela Kantam, you will find tremendous benefit.

The flower ritual comes from Divine law, not human law. Divine law deals with spirit. It is difficult to change deep-seated karma through behavioral techniques. This technique is part of Divine

Knowledge, and many, many people in the world will now benefit from it. Repeat this flower ritual every day.


Energized yantras are a meditation tool. They frequently contain a geometric form of some kind and other inscriptions, which contain a sort of "short cut" opening to various interdimensional planes of light associated with various deities.

The Siddha masters are adepts in the use of yantras to attract things towards them. Yantras are magical diagrams with squares, triangles, and circles in a certain permutation combination.

Each deity has its own magical yantra. The yantra is the conduit through which you connect with the deity. These magical diagrams were cognized by the Siddhas in deep states of samadhi. In Hindu temples in India, they bury the corresponding yantra of the god or goddess underneath the deity in order to energize the statue of the deity.

I will give you a specific example. There had been a money crunch in my computer company in New York. I ordered a custom-designed special yantra to attract money, business and people. I installed the yantra and within 24 hours, the company started attracting money. It was miraculous. Just before the money started coming, there was a big pandemonium in the company. This is how the yantras work. There arc yantras for relationships, health and for cleaning up the energy of the office space or house, and for many other purposes.

I know that yantras work and I want to make sure that I put my energy intent into your yantras. It is very important for me to do that to make the yantra come alive with full power. We make many yantras available through my web site at Keep in mind that the yantras we offer may vary from time to time.

Some examples of yantras that we make available:

> Ganesha Yantra (to remove obstacles)

> Dana Akarshana Yantra (to attract cash, business opportunities, prosperity, home, car)

> Muruga (Sadakshara) Yantra (to remove debts)

> Navagraha Yantra (to remove bad influences from the planets)

> Sudarshana Yantra (for protection from negative influences and for purifying)

> Shiva Yantra (for enlightenment and prosperity)

The way to use the yantra is to place it on an altar. You can bathe it with milk, orange juice and honey on full moon days. Other days, you can light a candle and incense and pray to it, just like you would pray to an image of a deity. You should offer a flower and a raisin or other fruits. Repeated prayers will make the yantra come alive. Some people like to do an eyesopen meditation focusing on a yantra and perhaps chanting a mantra associated with the deity associated with the yantra.

The yantras that I offer are very special. They contain inscriptions in Sanskrit associated with a specific deity. They have each been energized through a special ritual. Just having the yantra on your meditation table or altar will bring the benefit of that energy. Meditating with them will heighten the intensity of your meditations and prayers.

Spiritual Imagery

Meditating on sacred images is mythotherapy. These images directly affect the unconscious mind. Working with the unconscious opens up the realm of miracles, the realm of outrageous thinking. We need to change our realities. We don't want to wait; we want it now. The moment you make a decision that you want it now, you create the situation. It all starts with an inner decision.

Spiritual images are powerful tools for attracting spiritual energy. If you place my image on your altar, for example, I will send you spiritual energy for Prosperity and Enlightenment.

> Shiva - Lord of Infinite Intelligence and Compassion, the Doorway to Enlightenment, Removalof Karma

> Lakshmi - Goddess of Abundance, Beauty and Prosperity

> Ganesha - Lord of the Planets and Remover of Obstacles

> Saraswati - Goddess of Knowledge, Education and All Forms of Scientific and Creative Arts

> Brahma - Creative Energy

> Vishnu - Wealth, Enjoyment of the Material Plane

> Parvati - Wisdom of Yogic Discipline and Energy to Pursue SelfDiscovery

> Durga - Destroyer of Negative Energies Preventing Joy

> Krishna-Triumphant Confidence and Giver of Victory, and

> Kali - Destroyer of Ignorance and Illusion Money Imagery

To attract money, put up pictures representing financial abundance. Put up a picture of a money tree. The money tree goes back to the archetypal imagination of the human race. There ARE money trees in heaven. They are not just money trees, but these are trees that are capable of manifesting the things you want. They are called wish-fulfilling trees. In Sanskrit there is a name for such a tree. It is called Kalpa Vriksha, the trees that manifest your desires. So, it's important to visualize because the money tree belongs to the unconscious and the archetypal imagination.

Trident Visualization

Visualize the trident, a three-pronged weapon. This weapon will give you courage. Pitt pictures of a trident around you, and let the power of this symbol sink in deeply. We see the trident in many places as a symbol of great confidence. King Neptune has a trident; the U.S. Navy SEALS use the trident on their pin. Some of you may want to get pictures of Lord Shiva sitting with a trident. Meditating on this form as a mandala or yantra brings courage. For the positive energies of meditation to flow properly, you must have an attitude that is victorious, triumphant, and confident. You must bring up your courage, get your "yang" up, to fully engage in successful risk taking.

Focus on the Square

To help you make changes about material comfort, you should focus on the sacred geometry of the square. The four sides of a square represent the number four, and the four sides will help you to "square things away." Both the geometric shape of the square and the number four contain energies which complete material formation. Squares or rectangles give a solid foundation for material life.

Just by looking at squares, so many things will correct themselves. If you don't have a house, if you don't have a good body, if you don't have a good car, then something has gone wrong. What has gone wrong is that you have an amorphous consciousness. Your consciousness is not supporting any form. So, we are going to create a form here for you to focus on because form is clarity. Understand this: clarity and form are synonymous. You will get clarity just by looking at a square, which is a very structured form.

You must establish this square consciousness within yourself. Draw a square. Carry a square and put it on the refrigerator, on your books, on your table, wherever it will enable you to look at it frequently. By looking at the square, you are going to "square away" or put many things in your life in order. This is what sacred geometry is going to do for you.

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