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In the practice of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, there are innumerable sets of specialized yogic exercises combining posture and movement with many powerful breathing techniques and certain body locks that together create an expanding a contracting and vibratory pressure on various areas of the body, that saturated with blood and vitalized by the air bring about a charging and purification of the nerves, glands and organs. In addition, numerous kriyas, mantras and laya yoga chants, mudras and meditations effect still subtler changes in the consciousness that release accumulated mental and physical blockages.

These changes are a matter of sensory experience. As the awareness of oneself as a conscious being expands and deepens through the practice of this yoga, That all-pervasive universal consciousness that lights, sustains and is the "I" of our sense of "I" begins to emerge.

Initially, the consciousness or conscious energy of most people is bound within the nerves, cells and atoms of the body, based on a combination of the latent tendencies we were born with and the many "takes" or impressions we've made that imprint themselves throughout the body's systems, such that we have the tendencies towards certain relative views of who we think we are - our identity, and behavior patterns that repeat themselves throughout our lives in every emerging situation. We don't truly see or hear the world, but rather we see through the lens of the mind darkly - as though live our lives by the light of the moonlit night.

With the combination of pressure and prana effected in each kundalini exercise, the capillaries and cells of each specific area of the body, for which the yoga exercise is meant, begin to open and discharge toxins and accumulated waste. Gradually these areas begin to purify and carry a greater and greater charge, voltage and overall electromagnetic balance.

Once the body is charges the various centers begin to vibrate with a higher frequency, like the tightening of the drum or strings on a guitar, violin, or harp, and one begins to have a direct experience of the reverberation of chants and mantras that make up the many kundalini kriyas, and meditations, and with that, the awareness dawns of inner sound and light.

Channels open, pranic pressure builds evenly throughout the body field. As the overall energy vibration of the body continues to increase, it rises above the level of thoughts and impressions and you begin to experience yourself as a purely intuitive consciousness. The sense of identity shifts from "I am the body, its thoughts, sensations and impressions in relation to a separate world" to "I am a consciousness."

An intelligent light begins to dawn like a sun in the heart that makes the seeing with the moon of the mind a passing phenomenon. You begin to sense yourself as being truly present and here, hearing and sensing from the perspective of a ground or screen of light upon and within which everything appears - no longer just reactive.

You begin to become aware that you are a spiritual being, as the light of consciousness overflows and dissolves the bondage of impressions that had been imprinted in the body systems. You begin to become aware of yourself as a mind of light in the here and now and what it really means to be a human being - the possibility, the potential, the purpose.

Suddenly, there is a radial shift in one's sense of identity, and you abide as the seer without an object, the Singularity of "I as I" - Consciousness Itself, as the sun of the heart outshines everything. You become aware of this as Truth, and you abide as That Truth - transformed, transmuted, transfigured. And yet it is practical - not mystical or occult or mysterious.

As one begins to practice Kundalini yoga, the progress towards this realization is steady, continuous, relentless. You feel coolness, heat, electricity, an etheric illumination, and steady abiding awareness that expands beyond the body and in and through the arc of your aura. Clarity of being, purity of heart, without cause or condition, independent of time, a single abiding force of intelligence draws the mind inward into single pervasiveness, and in the process dissolves the mind's identity to thoughts and impressions. You dwell as Sat Nam.

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