Transition Into The Aquarian


1. Sit in easy pose with your left elbow bent comfortably at your side and your left hand in front of your heart center. Your left hand is in a fist with the thumb pointing either straight up or bent backward. (Some people can bend their thumbs backward, and others can't. Do it whichever way is natural for you.) Your right hand is in gyan mudra and resting on your right knee. Inhale slowly, hold, and slowly exhale so that you breathe exactly 3 times per minute. Continue for 11 minutes. You can time yourself by watching the second hand of a clock, by mentally counting off the 20 second segments, or by using the thumb of your right hand to mark time by touching each of the three segments of your fingers up to 20 touches.

2. Bring both elbows to the sides of your chest with your palms facing each other and the fingers pointing straight forward. Inhale and, while holding the breath, raise your hands up over your head and bring them back down to your sides 8 times. Then exhale. Stretch up and come down strongly and quickly. Do this cycle 5 times.

3. Still sitting in easy pose, point the index finger of each hand straight out while curling the remaining three fingers into a fist. Secure the Saturn finger with the thumb. Move your hands out to the sides while rotating your hands to the outside in small circles. When your arms are fully extended, move your hands back to your sides in a straight line while rotating your hands to the inside in small circles. Continue for 5 minutes.

4. To finish: inhale, hold your breath, squeeze your body tightly, and exhale. Repeat this 2 more times.

For those born in the Piscean Age, the transition into the Aquarian Age will create difficulties. Those of us who have been born in the old age will be living in an era when the old ways will not work. As we move deeper into the twenty-one year cusp period of the new age (from November of 1991 to November, 2012), there will be a feeling of emptiness inside that will increase every year. This meditation will help to minimize the effects of this process.

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