Well known yoga and purification practices

There are a number of yogas that can be practiced to cause the centers to come into balance.

In the practice of Raja Yoga, one starts with considerable fasting, and cleansing, including importantly, such practices as the cleansing of the colon. Today this can be effected through fasting and colonics. As the colon becomes clean of all debris, it begins to take on a very dynamic activity through all its interconnected nerve endings to communicate with all other organs and centers in the body to trigger them to release their accumulated toxins and poisons into the blood stream and lymphs, part of which are secreted into the colon and eliminated, part of which are processed through the liver and other organs and eliminated through the lungs, kidneys, skin, bloodstream intestines and so on.

When this prerequisite is combined with hatha yoga practice and certain pranayamas practiced several times a day, and still hours of meditation, there is a rapid progress towards the satvic mind. Without the prerequisite cleansing, it becomes more difficult to effect the secretions of the glands and charging of the nerve centers, such that the process is much longer and may be somewhat disjointed.

Nevertheless, if one is devoted to God and constantly making effort to hear and understand the Truth, at some stage in the effort, when the mind is still, That which is True will come forward and Itself take over the process with a force that makes the previous ardent efforts all but redundant, even if the habit of practice and meditation continue. This practice is well explained in Vivekananda's book -Raja Yoga.

Other related methods to fasting and cleansing the colon, include the drinking of fresh fruit juices that assist in the cleansing of the organs, centers and systems in the body field. Also certain herbs will trigger various organs to discharge their toxic waste, and fresh raw vegetable juices, such as carrot juice and others that provide the organic minerals that are drawn directly to the various centers that accumulate the minerals, build a charge and in the process discharge the accumulated toxic waste. A number of books such as those by Dr. NW Walker, discuss these possibilities.

These practices will also bring about the same etheric balance in the field and lead to the same level of overall electromagnetic balance and chemical-electric etheric pressure that results in the spontaneous triggering of the Kundalini Awareness.

Should one meet with someone that teaches through Shaktipad initiation, this path involves hatha yoga practices performed with such a slow, careful and still attention to flow, breathing and posture (asana), that one begins to become aware of the prana guiding all the movements. With the aid of the Teacher or Guru, who expands the energy (prana) within his field of consciousness to include his students, this prana will systematically move through the nerves and centers of the student's body's field causing the automatic movement into various postures and the performing of kriyas, bhandas, mudras and pranayamas.

Once the student becomes aware of their consciousness as energy or prana, with every meditation, the prana will move the body automatically through the practice, until the field begins to come into balance and the movement tends more towards the deepening stillness and expanding effulgence of the inner satvic mind. It is often thought that the pranic related movements of Shaktipad Kundalini Yoga are the result of the active Kundalini, but that is not the case. As the tendency of the prana to remain still and move deeper to satvic purity prevails, only then does the pranic pressure build and the Kundalini awaken.

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