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This exercise is an excellent way to build stamina, to make the blood suck up the oxygen from the lungs, and to help the heart muscles regulate and reorganize themselves. It will pressurize the kidneys, gonads and adrenals. It is necessary to be able to hold a full inhale for 1 minute in order to supply optimum oxygen to the bloodstream. When less than the required oxygen is available in the blood, the brain, organs and glands are unable to function properly and the systems break down causing ill ness. When this exercise is done for 11 minutes a day or a maximum of 22 minutes, it will totall purify the bloodstream.

It is suggested that if you do it for 22 minutes to take a rest after the first 11 minutes and then continue for 11 minutes more.

(From Kundalini Yoga for Youth and Joy)

Kundalini Yoga for the use of reserve energy KY kriyas (From Sadhana Guidelines)

1) Lie on the stomach, heels together. inhale rise up to a push-up position. Ony the upper side of the bent toes and the paims remain on the ground. Exhale down. Continue 15 times up and down in a moderately slow rhythm.

2) Lie on the stomach. Reach back and grab the ankles, stretching up into bow pose. Begin breath of fire for 30 seconds. Inhale, exhale, and relax on the stomach, hands straight at the sides.

3) Lie on stomach, Make fists of the hands and place them below the waistline just above and inside the bend of the legs. Inhale and raise the left leg up. Exhale and raise the right as the left is lowered. Continue alternating with the breath for 2 minutes.

4) Relax into cobra pose. Hold the pose, but just relax (4A). Heels are together, arms straight, head back. Relax in this posture 45 seconds, then spread the legs far apart and bring the hands closer into the body to create a deeper back bend (4B). Roll the head back and forth by turning the chin from the right shoulder to the left shoulder, inhaling at the right and exhaling at the left. Continue 4 or 5 tirnes,

5) Relax and lie down on the stomach, grabbing the wrists behind the back. Roll left and right on the chest with the legs straight and heels together. Continue for 30 seconds.

6) In the same position with arms straight along the sides, begin relaxing each part of the body. Go deep within yourself for 5 minutes.

7) Bundle roll: Lie straight on the back with arms at the sides like a bundle of logs tied together. Flip yourself over and over from back to stomach, stom- ach to back without bending the body, arms or legs. Do not bend anywhere. Continue for 3 minutes,

8) Total relaxation on back for 10 minutes.

Comments: To tap the reserve flow of the kundalini energy in your body, you activate the sexual energy in exercise 1, the navel energy in 2 and 3, and rnove that energy up the spine in 4A. Dunng exercise 4B, the thyroid gland secretes and opens circulation to the upper brain. This clears your thinking and adds energy to the will. The last two exercises charge and strengthen your electromagnetic field and stabilize the new energy state you have created. This set gives you an extra resistance to the fluctuations of the environment.

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