Written Goals

Focus your mind with written goals.

For manifestation to take place in your life, you must be very clear about your goals. That is why it is very important for you to write down not only long term goals but also goals for every single month of the year. In the popular motivational book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, he directs readers to write a "Definite Chief Aim" for your life. This "Definite Chief Aim" is to be read out loud every day when you get up in the morning and every night before you go to bed. This tool is powerful because it clarifies your goals and focuses your mind on your goals.

Having a great idea and making it a goal is an important step to changing your life; having the courage to make it real is what distinguishes reality from fantasy. If you haven't done so already, first create a grandiose fantasy for yourself. Think about how you would like your life to look in areas such as finances, relationships, health or service to society. Next, think about what steps you would be willing to take to help you realize that fantasy.

Now, take a reality check so you are properly prepared to make your fantasy come true. It's good to take a risk, provided it's a carefully thought out one that's calculated to bring you success. For example, before leaving a job to start a business, consider that business's true potential. Is there enough demand for this product or service, so that success is a reasonable possibility within a reasonable time frame? Do you have enough money set aside to survive for six months or a year while you build your business? How can you create the money needed to live and to start a new business?

Focus on Your Goals

Each month, you should set personal goals based on specific themes for your life. Repeat these goals out loud. Also, write out your goals by hand several times a day (nine is a good target number). Morning is best since it will help you consciously set your intended thoughts for the day. Writing a goal is a very powerful and moving ritual. Rituals will help to turn your positive thoughts and habits into second nature. Visualize the manifestation of these goals. Focus on these goals when you chant OM NA MA SHI VA YA. Always remember your goals.

Keep Track of Your Progress Every Month

You do not manifest because you do not remember what you want to manifest. Oppositional forces will try to knock down your goals. Keep your consciousness fully focused on your goals. Keep track of your progress every month. When you achieve one of your goals, write it down. Keep a record of your goals and the progress in achieving your goals. Your monthly personal goals are designed to build off one another, so it's important to regularly work with them (each day is ideal). For example, once you realize more money through your new ideas about personal finance, you have the foundation to make even more progress with the next goal, risk taking.

Personal Transformation Program

I offer a one year home study course Sri Siva's Personal Transformation Program that utilizes 12 videotapes and assignments from a monthly workbook to sharply focus your goals. The workbook contains a worksheet on which you write down your monthly goals, and which gives practical techniques to use the mantra of the month to empower your monthly goal. There are 12 areas of focus including:

Month 1 - PhysicalAppearance and Personality Enhance your physical, psychological and soul beauty.

Month 2 - Finances

Acquire new forms of knowledge about finance and creating money.

Month 3 - Risk Taking

Develop an extra-ordinary consciousness and courage

Month 4 - Material Comforts Manifest the home and car of your dreams.

Empower yourself with a personal connection with God.

Month 6 - Health, Enemies, Debts and Litigation Counteract principles of negativity.

Month 7 - Relationships

Fulfill your desire for meaningful relationships.

Month 8 - Obstacles and Longevity

Solve unforeseen difficulties, obstacles and obstructions of energy.

Month 9 - Compassion and Grace Seek compassion to earn the grace of God.

Month 10 - Profession

Contemplate business opportunities that combine fulfillment and money. Month 11 - Profit

Assess the market for a business opportunity and ascertain the potential profit. Month 12 - Enlightenment

Reclaim your true nature and realize your unity with God.

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