two eyes, two brains, third eye, space energy - 5 seconds

The total time for one round is one minute. This One Minute Meditation can be practiced in a variety of ways. If you desire, you can stay at different points for longer periods of time. Don't get concerned about being so precise with the number of seconds you spend on each chakra that you get caught up in thought and become distracted from the real goal, doing the meditation. Desire and intention are emotional, not mental. Through regular practice you will get a comfortable sense of how long you are at each chakra. The keys are to keep the cycles short so you don't dwell for minutes at a time at each chakra, and to focus on your pure desires and intention.

Om Nama Shivaya Will Produce Miracles

This new century will be a very powerful time, and it is indeed the Age of Miracles. You will be elevated to a new reality. There will be miracles on a personal level and on a universal level. Recently I received an email that carried three lines. The e-mailer said that he taught the One Minute Om Nama Shivaya Meditation to a lady who never meditated before. Here was the miracle. The lady went into a deep trance in response to the mantra Om Nama Shivaya. Use these tools and share them with others. Some of you may want to experiment with chanting OM NA MA SHI VA YA in groups on a weekly basis.

Potential Meditational Therapy Life

Potential Meditational Therapy Life

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