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5. This exercise is done with Ragi Sat Nam Singh's tape of "Jaap

Sahib." Sit on your heels with your hands in prayer pose in the center of your chest during the introductory prayer (about 45 seconds). Sing from your heart center. When the ragi sings the lines that begin with "Namastang" or "Namo", bow your head down to the floor and rise up again. Your hands are on the floor on either side of your knees. Stop at "Cha-chri Chand" 3 3/4 minutes.

(Even if you don't know the words, listen and try to chant along with the tape.)

6. Hans (Swan) Kriya

This kriya opens up the spine and invigorates the spinal serum, improves the quality of the blood, and rejuvenates the grey matter of the brain. It refreshes the capillaries, builds strength in the body and keeps the heart in good condition.

Sit on your heels with your hands on the floor on either side of your knees. Round the spine outward (which pulls the chin into the chest and rounds the back of the neck) and bow your head to the floor. Put the total weight of your upper body on the tops of your thighs as your head bows down. From this position arch your back and neck as in cobra pose, rising up into a sitting position and begin rounding your spine outward again. The movement is an undulation of the spine: rounding, arching, and stretching. Do this motion 108 times stretching the entire spine and neck.

When the Mughals conquered India, they destroyed the entire literature of yoga, because they so feared the capacity of yoga to make people unconquerable.

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