6. Sitting again in easy pose with your hands on your knees, begin pump-

Mudra for Exercise 7

¡rig your navel in and out. Breathe normally. Keep your eyes open. 6 1/2 Minutes.

7. Touch your thumbs to the mound of the mercury (little)

finger and make a fist. Raise your bent elbows, with your fists in front of your chest. Circle the elbows forward. 2 Minutes. This stimulates the magnetic area of the heart.

8. Criss-cross your forearms and hands rapidly in front of your face. Look straight ahead. The fingers are together with the thumbs pressed in and the palms are facing towards you. The right hand is nearest the body. Lean backward a little bit. Move fast. This is for the nervous system. 2 Minutes.

9. Beat your elbows and upper arms against your rib cage

(like chicken wings). The hands are in fists. The armpits are the center of the nervous system and must move during this exercise. The arms hit the rib cage rapidly and hard. This will make you young. 3 Minutes.

The navel point is the source of the reserve energy that initiates the Kun-dalini energy to awaken and flow. It is the source of your real inner strength.

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