Yoca For Children


Two exercises must be done with a partner.

1. Sit in Rock Pose with your hands in Venus Lock behind your back.

Open your mouth and stick your tongue out as far as you can. Inhale in the up position and, as you exhale, bring your forehead to the ground, keeping your mouth open and your tongue out. This exercise corrects imbalances in the reproductive system.

2. Sit in celibate pose with your hands in Venus Lock on the top of your head. Inhale and twist left. Exhale and twist right. This exercise balances the glandular system. If it is painful to sit in celibate pose, it is an indication that the glandular system may be out of balance.

3. Sit in easy pose, back to back with a partner. Cross your hands over your heart (right on top of left) and press them tightly against your chest. Bend forward and touch your forehead to the ground and come sitting up straight and hit your back and spine against your partner's spine. Continue at a steady pace and be careful not to hit heads with your partner. This exercise adjusts the spine.

It is easier to prevent ill health than it is to correct an unhealthy condition once it has established itself. This set strenghtens and balances children's bodies to prepare them to face adolescence and adulthood.

4. Sit in easy pose, facing your partner. Put your hands around each other's neck with your arms straight and begin grinding your spine in a circular motion together with your partner. This exercise corrects menstrual problems and balances the sex glands. It also helps to prevent breast cancer.

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