Mayura means a peacock in Sanskrit. This is called Mayurasana because when this Asana is performed, it imitates a peacock spreading out his bundle of feathers behind him.

Kneel on the ground and squat on the heels. Bring the two forearms together and keep the palms on the ground. The palms and fingers represent the feet and claws of the peacock, except that here the palms are directed backward. Keep the elbow joints in close contact with each other so as to provide a nice fulcrum to support the horizontal body during the display of the posture. The joint elbows are placed on the abdomen just below the navel. Stretch the whole body from head to foot up; so that it stands running parallel to the ground. Now the whole body looks like a bar resting on a fulcrum. Raise the head up and throw out the chin to counter-balance the heavy legs.

In the beginning retain the breath as long as you stand on this pose. Keep a thick and soft pillow or cushion on the ground just below your nose so as to protect in case of any slip. When you become perfect in this pose and there is no fear of falling down, you can breathe as usual during the exercise also. Beginners may practice the posture by balancing the body at the side of a table or a raised dais. It will be easy. Do this for 3 seconds to begin with and gradually prolong the time for 3 minutes.

Mayurasana promotes digestion and increases appetite. It is very potent in cases of dyspepsia and chronic gastritis. The bowels are toned up, and constipation is cured. All diseases of the stomach, liver, spleen, kidneys and the intestines are dispelled. Diabetes, haemorrhoids and piles are removed. The arms and shoulders become strong and sinewy.

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Constipation Prescription

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