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(ISOLATION OF THE RECTUS ABDOMINIS) The contraction, isolation and the rolling manipulation of the rectus abdominis is termed


Stand up. Keep the legs a foot or so wide apart. Press your hands against the thighs by slightly bending the trunk. Then do Uddiyana Bandha in this standing posture. Let go the centre of the abdomen free by contracting the left and the right sides of the abdomen. Now all the muscles of the abdomen stand out bulging in the centre forming a vertical line. This is Nauli.15 Remain in this pose as long as you can conveniently do so.

Constipation, dyspepsia and gastrointestinal disorders are all thoroughly eradicated. The liver and the pancreas, the stomach and the intestines are toned up nicely. The muscles of the back and the intestines are strengthened and regenerated. Nauli is a rare gift to humanity right from the land of the gods and is an ideal 'pick-me-up.'

14 Uddiyana Bandha can also be done separately without mixing it with any other exercise. Though only the sitting posture is shown in the illustration, Uddiyana Bandha can also be done in standing posture and various other postures as well.

15 The isolation of the abdominal muscles in the centre is called Madhyama Nauli. The isolation of the abdominal muscles on the left side is called Vamana Nauli and on the right side Dakshina Nauli.

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