Human Magnetism

have called Human Magnetism - a form of Pranic Energy. When we wish to raise a finger, we put forth an effort of the Will, if the desire be a conscious one - r an effort of the Instinctive Mind, if the desire be sub-conscious - and a supply of Human Magnetism is sent to the muscles controlling the movement of the finger. The muscles contract, and the finger raises. And so it is with every movement of the body, both on the conscious and subconscious plane of effort. Every step we take is caused by this same process - every word we utter is produced in this way - every tear we shed obeys the law - even the beating of the heart responds to the supply of Human Magnetism, propelled, in this last case, by the command of the Instinctive Mind.

The magnetism is sent over the nerves, just as is a telegraph message sent over the wires leading from the central office to all parts of the land. The nerves are its telegraph wires, and the current in the body always travels over these wires. And just as, until a very recent time, it has been thought impossible for messages to be sent without wires, so even to this day, do the physical scientists deny that this Human Magnetism (which they call Nervous Force) can be transmitted except over these wires of the nervous system. And just as the scientists have recently discovered that "wireless telegraphy" is a possibility, and a working truth - so have the occultists known for centuries that this Human Magnetism can be

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