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Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Psychometry, Telepathy, etc. - How to develop Psychic Powers LESSON VII - HUMAN MAGNETISM. 115

Human Magnetism - Pranic Energy - Uses and Properties - Directions for development and use

TABLE OF CONTENTS - Continued. Page


Occult Therapeutics - Spiritual Healing -Mental Healing - Pranic Healing -Theory and Practice


Psychic Influence - Personal Magnetism -Mesmerism, etc., explained, with instructions regarding self-protection and warnings against misuse of the Power - A timely lesson upon an important subject LESSON X. - THE ASTRAL WORLD. 189

The Astral World; Its Phenomena -The Astral Body - Astral Helpers, etc LESSON XI. - BEYOND THE BORDER. 207

Beyond the Border - The survival of the Ego after passing out of the physical body -Where it goes and what it does after the change called Death LESSON XII. - SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION. 225

Spiritual Evolution - The Growth of the Soul - Its Travels - Its Purpose - Its Goal LESSON XIII. - SPIRITUAL CAUSE & EFFECT. 243 Spiritual Cause and Effect - The Yogi teachings regarding the puzzling questions of Human Life, Conduct - The Sowing and the Reaping Explained LESSON XIV. - YOGI PATH OF ATTAINMENT. 261 The Yogi's Path of Attainment - The Threefold Path - Methods - Directions - Plans, etc. -Advice and Words of Encouragement to the Neophyte

Please Share Fourteen Lessons in Y°gi 1903-By Yogi

This E-Book Philosophy and Oriental Occultism Ramacharaka

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