Mantrams And Meditations

thrill that comes from such practice. Then let him concentrate upon the idea of the great supply of Pranic Energy in the Universe. The entire Universe is filled with this great Force - this great Life Principle

- whereby all forms of motion, force and energy are made possible. Let him realize that he is free to draw upon it at will - that it is HIS OWN to use for the building up of the body - the Temple of the Spirit

- and let him fear not to demand his own. Let him call for what is his, feeling certain that his just call will be answered. Let him breathe slowly, according to the instructions regarding the Rhythmic Breath (Science of Breath, pages 58-54) and mentally picture the inflow of Prana with each inward breath, and the expelling of worn out and impure matter with each outward breath. Let him picture himself as being filled with health, strength and vitality - full of energy and life -bright and happy.

If tired or fatigued during the day, let him stop for a moment and inhale a few deep breaths, carrying the mental picture of the inflowing Prana, and the casting out of diseased matter through the breath. He will find that he experiences an immediate feeling of increased strength and vitality. This Prana may be sent to any part of the body which seems to call for help and strength, and a little practice will enable the student to have such control that he can plainly feel the tingling sensation accompanying the passage of the Prana to the afflicted or tired part of the body. If one is lying down, the passing of the hands over one's body from the head downward with an occasional resting of the hands over the Solar Plexus, will be found beneficial and soothing. The hands may be easily charged with Prana by extending them loosely at full length and gently swinging them to and fro, and occasionally making a motion as if one was sprinkling water on something by throwing it off from the finger tips. A tingling sensation will be felt in the fingers and the whole hand will be so charged with Prana that it will relieve pain in other parts of the body, and in the bodies of others, if you desire to help them. Carry the thought of Health, Strength, Activity, Energy and Vitality into the Silence with you.

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