Occult Therapeutics

latter statement he would be near the truth. But we cannot get away from the idea that there is that in Nature which tends towards keeping a man in perfect health, and we cannot help feeling that the true teaching is rather to instruct people how to keep well in the first place rather than to point out how they may get well after they have violated Nature's laws. The Yogis think that it is illogical to build up a cult around methods of healing - they feel that if cults must be built up let them rally around the centre of Health, allowing the curing of disease to be merely incidental.

In "Hatha Yoga", our forthcoming book, we will give the principles of the Yogi Philosophy of perfect health, in which is taught the doctrine that Health is the normal condition of man, and that disease is largely a matter of ignorance and the disobeying of natural laws of living and thinking. We will teach there that the healing power exists in every man, and may be called into operation consciously or unconsciously. Occult healing is merely the calling into play of this inner force within the individual (sometimes with the assistance of other individuals) , and the opening up of the system to the recuperative energies already within itself.

All healing is occasioned by what we have called the "Vital Force" in the individual. The active principle of this Vital Force is, as we have explained, that manifestation of universal force - Prana. In order to avoid repetition we would refer you to "Science of Breath" and to "Lesson Seventh" of this

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