Occult Therapeutics

without a blemish, pain, particle of inharmony, or symptom of any kind. A few gifted individuals in the world in each age possess this power, but it is rarely manifested, for good occult reasons. And (draw a pencil line under these words) true Spiritual Healing is never performed as a means of obtaining financial gain - it is given "without money and without price." True Spiritual Healing is never tarnished by the slime of materiality - never! It is right and proper for "healers" to charge for Mental Healing and Pranic Healing in all forms, as they devote their time to the work, and "the laborer is worthy of his hire," and no desire is entertained to criticize such charges - they sell their services just as we sell these lessons, and are entitled to their just remuneration just as we are. But the individual who is able to give the real gift of Spiritual Healing is never placed in a position in which he finds it necessary to charge for his services - he is fed by the ravens, and has no need of bartering his spiritual gifts, and would die before he would so prostitute his divine privilege. We do not wish to be misunderstood in this matter - when we speak of Spiritual Healing we mean the true gifts of the Spirit, not some of the forms of Psychic or Mental healing miscalled "spiritual." If you would have an example of true Spiritual Healing, turn to the New Testament and read of the work of the Spirit as manifested through the Son of Mary. Let that be the standard - as in fact it is.

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