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suggestions in his mind, and forms the mental picture implied by the healer's words. The healer suggests that which he wishes to bring about and the patient allows the suggestions to sink into his Instinctive Mind, where they are taken up and afterwards manifested in physical results. The best suggestionists are men of vitality, who send forceful thoughts charged with Prana into the organism of the patient, at the same time that the suggestions are given. In nearly all forms of mental healing, several methods are intermingled, as the student will discover for himself, if he takes the trouble to analyze the treatments. The Instinctive Mind often falls into bad habits of attending to the body, by reason of the person having departed from the natural way of living and having caused the Instinctive Mind to take up these incorrect habits. Suggestion, and auto-suggestion bring back the Instinctive Mind to normal functioning, and the body speedily recovers its former harmony. In many cases all that is needed in suggestive treatment, is to relieve the patient's mind of Fear and Worry and depressing thoughts, which have interfered with the proper harmony of the body, and which have prevented the proper amount of Prana from being distributed to the parts. Removing these harmful thoughts is like removing the speck of dust which has caused our watch to run improperly, having disarranged the harmony of the delicate mechanism. Fear, Worry and Hate, with their accompanying emotions, are the cause of more physical inharmony than nearly

160 YOGI PHILOSOPHY. all the other causes combined.

(III) In what is called strictly Mental Healing, the patient sits in a relaxed attitude of body, and allows the mind to become receptive. The healer then projects to the patient thoughts of a strengthening and uplifting character which, reacting upon the mind of the patient, causes it to cast off its negative conditions and to assume its normal poise and power, the result being that as soon as the patient's mind recovers its equilibrium it asserts itself and starts into operation the recuperative power within the organism of the person, sending an increased supply of Prana to all parts of the body and taking the first step toward regaining health and strength. The prime principle of Mental Healing is to get the mind of the patient into the proper condition, it naturally following that beneficial and normal physical conditions must follow. But the best Mental Healers do more than this -they (often unconsciously) send a positive thought strongly charged with Prana right to the affected spot, and actually work a physical change in the organism of the patient, independent of what is accomplished by his own thought - force. In treating a patient in this way, keep firmly in your mind the thought that physical harmony is being reestablished in the patient, and that health is his normal condition and that all the negative thoughts are being expelled from his mind. Picture him as strong and healthy in mind and in body. Picture as existing all the conditions you wish to establish within him. Then

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