Path Of Attainment

at our disposal and the immense field to be covered. We feel that we have really only begun, and yet it is now time to say "good-bye".

Perhaps we have made some points a little clear to a few who have been perplexed - perhaps we have opened a door to those who were seeking entrance to the temple - who knows? If we have done even a little for only one person, our time has been well spent. At some future time we may feel called upon to pass on to you a higher and more advanced presentation of this great subject - that is a matter which depends much upon your own desires - if you need us you will find us ready and willing to join you in the study of the great truths of the Yogi Philosophy. But, before you take the next step onward, be sure that you understand these elementary lessons thoroughly. Go over and over them, until your mind has fully grasped the principles. You will find new features presenting themselves with each reading. As your minds unfold, you will find new truths awaiting you even in the same pages that you have read and reread several times. This, not because of any special merit in our work (for this work is crude, very crude, to our idea), but because of the inherent truth of the philosophy itself, which renders any thing written upon it to be filled with subject for thought and earnest consideration.

Good-bye dear students. We thank you for your kindness in listening to us during the term of this Class. We have felt your sympathy and love, as

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