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watching himself work or act. There are lower and higher phases of "Karma Yoga", which cannot be explained here, as each branch of Yoga is a great subject in itself.

"Gnani Yoga" is the "Yoga" of Wisdom. It is followed by those of a scientific, intellectual type, who are desirous of reasoning out, proving, experimenting, and classifying the occult knowledge. It is the path of the scholar. Its follower is strongly attracted toward metaphysics. Examples of the idea of "Gnani Yogi"- apparently widely differing examples - are to be seen in the great philosophers of ancient and modern times, and in the other extreme, those who have a strong tendency toward metaphysical teachings. As a matter of fact, nearly all students of the Yogi Philosophy are more or less attracted to "Gnani Yoga", even though they be said to be following one of the other of the three paths. These lessons, for instance, are a part of the "Gnani Yoga" work, although they are combined with other forms of Yoga. Many Yogis combine in themselves the attributes of the followers of several forms of Yoga, although their natural tendencies cause them to favor one of the paths more than the others.

Of the three forms of Yoga, the second, or "Karma Yoga" is perhaps the easiest one to follow, for the student. It requires less study, and less practice - less of the research of "Gnani Yoga", and less of the training of "Raja Yoga." The Karma Yogi simply tries to lead a good life, doing his work to

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