Psychic Influence

ences at work to counteract their efforts, and a little good always counteracts a great deal of the selfish psychic work - this being an old occult truth.

But outside of this bit of elementary "Black Magic," of which we have spoken more in the way of a warning and a caution, many people are endowed with faculties which make them powers among their fellow -men and women, and their influence is felt in everyday life, just as the influence of the physically strong man is felt in a crowd of weaker people. It needs but a moment's glance at one's acquaintances to show that some of them have a greater influence than have others. Some are naturally looked to as leaders and teachers, while others naturally fall into place as followers. These strong, positive men come to the front in warfare, business life, the bar, the pulpit, in the practice of medicine, and in fact, in all walks of life and all branches of human endeavor. We notice this fact, and speak of this man being possessed of a great deal of "Personal Magnetism," or of that one lacking it. But what do we mean by "Personal Magnetism"? Can anyone give an intelligent answer? Many are the theories which have been advanced to account for this phenomenon, and many are the plans advanced to develop this "power." Of late years many teachers have sprung up, claiming to have discovered this secret and offering to teach it to all comers at so many dollars a head, many sensational announcements having been made to attract purchasers of "courses" of instruction, and many appeals to

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