Psychic Influence

beginning to unfold, and which manifested in and through the Instinctive Mind. Some animals progressed more rapidly than others of their kind, and naturally began to assert themselves and their peculiar power -they found themselves doing the thinking for their fellows. They came to be recognized as being the ones to look to in cases of danger, or when food became scarce, and their leading was generally recognized and followed. Leaders sprang up in flocks and herds, and not alone (as has been commonly taught in the text-books) because of their brute strength, but also because of their superior brain-power, which may be described as "cunning." The "cunning" animal was quick to recognize danger, and to take means to avoid it - quick to discover new ways to gain food, and overcome the common enemy, or the prey. Anyone who has been much around domestic animals - or who has studied the ways of the wild animals who flock together - will realize exactly what we mean. The few led and directed, and the many blindly followed and were led.

And, as the development went on, and Man was evolved, the same thing manifested itself - leaders sprang into prominence and were obeyed. And all along the history of the race up until the present time, this same state of affairs exists. A few lead and the many follow. Man is an obedient and imitative animal. The great majority of people are like sheep - give them a "bell-wether" and they will gladly follow the tinkle of the bell.

But mark this fact - it is a most important one - it

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