Psychic Influence

In the original state, and during the process of evolution, the Instinctive Mind was not influenced thusly, because there was nothing to influence it. But as Man developed, the individuals who became aware of the dawning sense of their "individuality" and real power, began to assert themselves, and their own Instinctive Minds and the Instinctive Minds of others began to be influenced. The man whose consciousness of individuality - whose awareness of the "I" is largely developed, invariably influences the Instinctive Mind of the one in whom the consciousness is not so fully developed. The Instinctive Mind of the less conscious man takes up and acts upon the suggestions of the stronger "I," and also allows the latter's thought-waves to beat upon it and to be absorbed.

Remember, once more, that it is not the man of purely intellectual attainment, culture, or "learning" who has this consciousness, although, of course, the higher the intellectual attainment of the man the greater the scope of the power of the conscious "I" he may possess. Uneducated men are seen to have this power, as well as the most highly educated, and although their deficient education and training prevents them making use of their power to the extent possible to their more favored brother, still they exert an influence upon all in their "class," and also upon many who have greater intellectual powers than have they. It is not a matter of education, or of abstract reasoning, etc. - it is a matter of "consciousness." Those who possess it somehow

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