Spiritual Evolution

prove the reasonableness of rebirth, but what would it avail? Man might grasp it intellectually and admit that it was a reasonable working hypothesis, but what intellectual conception ever gave peace to the soul -gave it that sense of reality and truth that would enable it to go down in the valley of the shadow of death without faltering, with a smile on its face? No! such certainty comes only from the light which the Spiritual Mind sheds upon the lower mental faculties. The intellect may arrange the facts, and deduce a course of action from them, but the soul is satisfied only with the teachings of the Spirit, and until it receives them must feel that unrest and uncertainty that comes when the intellect unfolds and asks that mighty question "Why?" which it by itself cannot answer.

The only answer to the query "Is rebirth a fact," is "Does your soul recognize it as such?" Until the soul feels of itself that the theory is true - because it coincides with that inner conviction, there is no use in arguing the matter. The soul must recognize it for itself - must answer its own question. It is true that the presentation of the theory (we call it a "theory" although the Yogis know it is a fact) will awaken memories in the mind of some - may give them the courage to consider as reasonable the half-formed thoughts and queries which had floated around in their minds for years - but that is all it can do. Until the soul grasps and "feels" the truth of rebirth, it must wander around working on the subconscious plane of life, having rebirth forced

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