Telepathy And Clairvoyance

physical organ through which the brain receives the vibrations, or thought-waves, emanating from the minds of others.

Imbedded in the brain, near the middle of the skull, almost directly above the top of the spinal column, is to be found a small body, or gland, of reddish-gray color, cone-shaped, attached to the floor of the third ventricle of the brain, in front of the cerebellum. It is a mass of nervous matter, containing corpuscles resembling nerve cells, and also containing small concretions of gritty, calcareous particles, sometimes called "brain sand." This body is known to Western physical science as the "Pineal Gland," or "Pineal Body,", the term "pineal" having been given it by reason of its shape, which resembles that of a pine-cone.

Western scientists are completely at sea regarding the function, purpose and use of this organ of the brain (for an organ it is) . Their textbooks dismiss the matter with the solemn statement, "the function of the pineal body is not understood," and no attempt is made to account for the presence and purposes of the "corpuscles resembling nerve cells," or the "brain sand." Some of the textbook writers, however, note the fact that this organ is larger in children than in adults, and more developed in adult females than in adult males - a most significant statement.

The Yogis have known for centuries that this

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