The Fourteenth Lesson The Yogi Path Of Attainment

The student who has carefully acquainted himself with the fundamental principles of the Yogi Philosophy, as set forth in these lessons, will readily see that anyone who grasps and accepts these teachings, and makes them a part of his everyday life, will naturally live a very different life from one to whom this present earth-life is all, and who believes that death extinguishes individuality, and that there is no future life or lives. It will also lead one to live his life rather differently from the person who believes that we are but creatures of a rather capricious Providence, having but little responsibility of our own, and that our "salvation" depends upon a perfunctory "belief" in certain teachings, and a set form of attendance at certain forms of religious worship. Remember, now, please, that the Yogi Philosophy has no fault to find with any form of religion - it teaches that all forms of religion are good, and each has its particular place to fill - each fills the need of humanity in some of its stages. It believes that no matter what form of worship is followed - no matter what conception of Deity is held - that every man really worships the

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