The Second Lesson The Mental Principles

In our First Lesson we called your attention briefly to the three lower principles of man - i.e., (1) the physical body; (2) the astral body; (3) Prana, or vital force. We also led up to the subject of the mental principles, which form the fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively, of the seven principles of man.

For convenience sake, we will again enumerate the four higher principles:

(6) Spiritual mind.

(5) Intellect.

(4) Instinctive mind.

This terminology is more or less unsatisfactory, but we adopt it in preference to the Sanscrit terms which prove so puzzling and elusive to the average Western student.

The three lower principles are the most material, and the atoms of which they are composed are, of course, indestructible, and go on forever in countless forms and aspects; but these principles, so far as

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