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are? We can think of but one illustration - and that an imperfect one. In the brain of every human being there are millions of cells, each containing the records of some past event or thought or action. We cannot find these records by the microscope, or by chemical test, and yet they are there, and may be used. The memory of every act, thought, and deed remains, during life, in the brain, although its owner may not always be able to call it up in recollection. Can you grasp the idea of the akasic record from this illustration? In the great memory of the Universe are registered and stored away the records of all that has gone before - those who have access to the records may read - and those who are able to see even the astral reflection of the records, may read with greater or less accuracy and skill. This is the best we can offer you in the way of explaining an unexplainable matter. Those who are ready for the truth hidden in these words will see a glimpse of it; others must wait until they are ready.

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Achieve Breakthrough Using Delayed Gratification

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