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spiritual discernment - and are ready for greater truths each day - you will find that in this book veil after veil will be lifted from before the truth, until you are fairly dazzled. It is also remarkable as a book which will give consolation to those in trouble or sorrow. Its words (even though they be but half-understood) will ring in the ears of its readers, and like a beautiful melody will soothe and comfort and rest those who hear it. We advise all of our students to read this little book often and with care. They will find that it will describe various spiritual experiences through which they will pass, and will prepare them for the next stage. Many of our students have asked us to write a little book in the way of an elementary explanation of "Light on the Path" - perhaps the Spirit may lead us to do so at some time in the future - perhaps not.

It is not without a feeling of something like sadness that we write these concluding lines. When we wrote our First Lesson, we bade our students be seated for a course of talks - plain and simple upon a great subject. Our aim was to present these great truths in a plain, practical simple manner, so that many would take an interest in them, and be led toward higher presentations of the truth. We have felt that love and encouragement, which is so necessary for a teacher, and have been assured of the sympathy of the Class from the first. But, on looking over our work it seems that we have said so little - have left unsaid so much - and yet we have done the best we could, considering the small space

Please Share Fourteen Lessons in Yogi 1903-By Yogi

This E-Book Philosophy and Oriental Occultism Ramacharaka

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