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another, earnestly and seriously, letting the mind form a mental picture of the conditions referred to in the words. For instance:

"My stomach is strong, strong, strong - able to digest the food given it -able to assimilate the nourishment from the food - able to give me the nourishment which means health and strength to me. My digestion is good, good, good, and I am enjoying and digesting and assimilating my food, converting it into rich red blood, which is carrying health and strength to all parts of my body, building it up and making me a strong man (or woman)."

Similar auto-suggestions, or affirmations, applied to other parts of the body, will work equally good results, the attention and mind being directed to the parts mentioned causing an increased supply of Prana to be sent there, and the pictured condition to be brought about. Enter into the spirit of the auto-suggestions, and get thoroughly in earnest over them, and so far as possible form the mental image of the healthy condition desired. See yourself as you wish yourself to be. You may help the cure along by treating yourself by the methods described in the experiments on Pranic Healing.

(II) Suggestions of healing, given to others, operate on the same principle as do the auto-sugges,tions just described, except that the healer must impress upon the mind of the patient the desired conditions instead of the patient's doing it for himself. Much better results may be obtained where the healer and patient both cooperate in the mental image and when the patient follows the healer's

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