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The occultist who wishes to attain great powers must first purge himself of selfish grasping for these things for the gratification of his own base ends, for the pursuit of occult powers with this desire will bring only pain and disappointment and the one who attempts to prostitute psychic power for base ends will bring upon himself a whirlwind of undesirable results. Such forces, when misused, react as a boomerang upon the sender. The true occultist is filled with love and brotherly feeling for his fellow men, and endeavors to aid them instead of to beat them down in their progress.

Of all the numerous books written for the purpose of throwing light on the path of the student of occultism, we know of none better fitted for the purpose than that wonderful little book called "Light on the Path", written down by "M. C.", at the instigation of some intelligences far above the ordinary. It is veiled in the poetic style common to the Orientals, and at first glance may seem para doxical. But it is full of the choicest bits of occult wisdom, for those who are able to read it. It must be read "between the lines", and it has a peculiarity that will become apparent to any one who may read it carefully. That is, it will give you as much truth as you are able to grasp today; and tomorrow when you pick it up it will give you more, from the same lines. Look at it a year from now, and new truths will burst upon you - and so on, and on. It contains statements of truth so wonderfully stated - and yet half concealed - that as you advance in

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