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Highly Recommended

I started using this book straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

When compared to other ebooks and paper publications I have read, I consider this to be the bible for this topic. Get this and you will never regret the decision.

Daily Practice Program

At this stage the student should be more aware of his or her own physical body and the parts of the body which are especially stiff or malfunctioning and therefore require particular attention. Although our human bodies are similar in design they are different in makeup. For example, some people have stiff legs, while others have stiff backs and in the same way some people have abdominal disorders while some have ailments in other areas of the body. Therefore we feel that only you, the practitioner, can really choose the most beneficial practice program to suit your

The Yogis mind thus meditating becomes unobstructed from te atomic to the Infinite

Sound here means vibration meaning, the nerve currents which conduct it and knowledge, reaction. All the various meditations we have had so far, Patanjali calls Savitarka (meditations with reasoning). Later on he will give us higher and higher Dhyanas. In these that are called with reasoning, we keep the duality of subject and object, which results from the mixture of word, meaning, and knowledge. There is first the external vibration, the word this, carried inward by the sense currents, is the meaning. After that there comes a reactionary wave in the Chitta, which is knowledge, but the mixture of these three makeup what we call knowledge. In all the meditations up to this we get this mixture as object of meditation. The next Samadhi is higher.

Chapter Pratyahara Or Abstraction

The senses also take the impure for the pure. We think that this body of ours is beautiful and dear and other bodies connected with it are also dear. We hug things as beautiful formations not knowing that there is an essential impurity underlying their apparent beauty. To maintain the so-called beauty and purity of the body we engage ourselves daily in many routines like bathing, applying soap, cosmetics, etc., and when these are not done, we

The Art and Science of Relaxation

It seems to be a contradiction, but it is nevertheless true that those persons who can easily relax can do more work, can enjoy life more, need less sleep and tend to have smoother social relationships in all spheres of life. Now you might ask What about lazy or lethargic people, they are completely relaxed, yet not working Actually this is something different. A lazy person is someone who is either full of so many mental disturbances that he is unable to direct his willpower towards some activity or achievement, or his mental makeup is such that he is reluctant to do anything. This is different from relaxation. A person who can truly relax is able to recuperate mental and physical power and focus it in one direction when required. This is in fact willpower, the ability to direct one's whole being toward the attainment of one objective without distraction. Relaxation leads to strong willpower. Tension leads to dissipation of energy and attention in all directions.

The chakras symbolized

The chakras have been known in all parts of the world and throughout history by illumined and psychic people. They are not confined to one system, for they constitute the fundamental makeup of man. Sensitive people in the so-called primitive tribes and societies knew the chakras from their own experiences. They tuned in with the chakras when they tuned in with the more subtle aspects of their pranic body. They did not need to formulate a system or symbolize them, for the system existed already within their own being.

The influence of asanas on ones mental outlook

If there is disharmony in the endocrinal system then there will be a malfunction in one or more of the bodily processes and possibly in the emotional makeup of one's personality. There is such an intricate interrelationship between the various glands that one malfunctioning gland can cause disruption of the whole system. Asanas are designed to rectify overactivity or sluggishness of individual glands as well as harmonize the control centre of the system in the brain. This is why even simple asanas can sometimes bring about astonishingly quick benefits. This system has a major influence on our emotional makeup, which is intimately connected with our mental processes. As such, improvement of this system alone through the practice of asanas can result in profound changes in our attitude to life. Fifthly, awareness is an essential feature of the practice of asanas. While performing asanas one should be fully aware of what is being done and not allow the mind to...

The Eight Angas Part The Practices

This is identical to the Right Views branch of the Buddhist eight-fold path. Study the insights of enlightened teachers. Meditate on our psychological makeup and on the human condition. As with the Buddhist Right Views, we want to see clearly the truth about ourselves and others, and about the human condition.

The Physiology of Yoga

This hidden power centre as Hatha-Yogis and Tantrics have done. These points are very relevant to the issue and they indirectly support our hypothesis. We have already arrived at the conclusion that religion, in order to be an inherent attribute of the human mind, and not merely an artificial creation of prophets and sages, must have an independent base in the psychic makeup of man, necessitating a complementary biological apparatus as well. The only way by which this psychosomatic contrivance could make its presence felt is to create an awareness in the surface consciousness of the purpose it has to accomplish. This awareness in the initial stages can only take the form of an unaccountable impulse or desire tending, often erratically, in the direction which it is designed to take, like the indefinable sexual propensities of children before they begin to understand the significance of the urge. We have seen how the impulse started in primitive man with the ideas of totem, taboo, death...

The Truth of Tanha We are vulnerable to suffering because of the way human nature is constituted Specifically we are a

Again, we may think that a person who cheats us is the cause of our suffering. In the Buddhist view, it is our anger at being cheated, our craving to retrieve our money, our brooding over the event that is the immediate cause of our suffering. The fact of being cheated is an important event in the causal sequence, but is one step removed from the final cause of suffering. This view, then, focuses not on the external, more distant causes of our suffering, but on the immediate inner links of the causal chain, on our motivational and emotional makeup.

Uses of pranic control

Swara yoga is an ancient and little known science. It relates the phases of the moon, the sun, the prevailing conditions of nature, one's breathing pattern, etc. with events that are likely to occur to an individual. For instance, it can foretell if a person will meet success in any future undertaking. The modern discoveries of science have given some indication of how this system of swara yoga works. Man is not isolated from the universe as is commonly felt. Man is linked to the whole universe via the pranic body. As such, external events such as the movement of the stars, weather, interaction with other people, vibrations from other persons as well as one's own internal makeup, mood and health intimately relate to each other. Man is an integral part of the cosmos. Yoga has always said this and now modern science is slowly but surely confirming this fact. Swara yoga, though a complex subject, has much to offer to modern man.


Thus pranayama means to extend and overcome one's normal limitations. It provides the method whereby one is able to attain higher states of vibratory energy. In other words one is able to activate and to regulate the prana comprising the human framework and thereby make oneself more sensitive to vibrations in the cosmos and within. Pranayama is a method of refining the makeup of one's pranic body, one's physical body and also one's mind. In this way it is possible for a practitioner to become aware of new dimensions of existence. By making the mind calm and still, consciousness is allowed to shine through without distortion.


Many people find it difficult to accept the basic human drives that are part of our makeup. We have sexual drives, food desires and so on. Many people develop complexes about these drives and feel that these urges or instincts are dirty or animalistic, usually after having been convinced of this by people whom they respect, but who have their own mental problems. Try to accept your drives as being a natural facet of human life. Recognize that they are not totally separate from, or antagonistic to life. The more you accept your drives the less you will be bothered or disturbed by them.


The word dharma can be interpreted to mean many things. In this chapter, dharma means those actions which are in accordance with one's mental and physical makeup. It implies those actions which come naturally to an individual and which lead to harmony within the whole framework of the world. It can be roughly, though very inadequately, translated as 'duty'. Dharma is not a subject that can be discussed in depth in a general sense, for the dharma for each individual is different. All we can do here is to give you a very basic guideline to help you recognize and tune in to your own dharma.

Yoga True and False

The rarity of a successful consummation in Yoga is mainly due to the fact that most of those who embark on it have often no clear-cut picture of the desired goal, how they themselves should be equipped for it, or what they should expect on the way. They usually accept the versions of the teachers whom they approach for guidance and who are often themselves unaware of the real goal and the path. They proceed to sit in the postures and to perform the other exercises as instructed by such teachers. In this way they bring down to the level of a mechanical, physical, or mental drill a system of discipline that is designed, in its true form, to reach down to the deepest levels of the human mind in order to effect radical changes in the whole psychological makeup of an individual. Commenting on the qualifications needed in a seeker for enlightenment, Updesa-Sahasri writes This is always to be taught to one who is of tranquil mind, who has subjugated his senses, who is free from faults (of...

The Body Field

The glands and many organs provide life and vitality to the bloodstream and the other organs and systems of the body. In particular the sexual fluids pumping into the blood stream have a chemical electric makeup that allows nerves to carry energy and cells to reproduce. It is this fluid that is most vital in the healing of severed nerves. The flow of this fluid throughout the body provides the basis for the nerves, glands and organs to carry a charge and be fully functional in their own work in maintaining a balanced system.


The intent of this article is also to show that these yogas have not evolved out of shamanism of primitive man, as we often hear and read about, but rather out of a core Teaching, and that the knowledge of these yogas is already inherent within the programming makeup of the body field, accessible to the True Man and True Woman.

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