Aarti to Shri Ganesha

Composed in Marathi by Shri Ramdas, the Guru of Shivaji and an incarnation of Shri Hanuman. c.1650

Sukha-karta duhkha-harta varta vighnachi,

You create happiness and take away sorrow in times of trouble, Nurvi purvi prem. kr$upa jayachi, You nourish us with love and shower us with blessings, Sarvangi sundar uti shendurachi, Your beautiful body is adorned with fragrant paste, Kan$'$hi jhalke mal. mukta falanchi, Jay Deva, And You wear a shining necklace of pearls.


Jay Deva Jay Deva, Jay mangala murti,

Victory to God, Victory to God, Victory to auspiciousness embodied, Darshan matre mana kamana purtl, Jay Deva, Jay Deva ...

By Your Presence alone the wishes in our mind are fulfilled,

Victory to You, O Lord God, Victory to God.

Ratna khachita fara tuza Gaur! Kumara,

Wearing gold ornaments studded with gems, You are Adi Shakti's Son, Chandanach! ut! kumkum keshara, You are anointed with sandalwood paste, kumkum and perfume, Hiray jadita mukuta shobhato bara, The diamond studded crown adds to Your beauty, Rhun-jhunt! nupure charn! ghagariya, Jay Deva, The jingling anklets on Your Feet are making heavenly music music.

Lambodar p!tambar fanivar bandhana,

You have a big belly and wear a yellow silk dhoti and the sacred thread, Sarel sonda vakra tun$d$a trinayana, Your unusual face has a curved trunk and three eyes,

Daas Ramacha vat pahe sadana,

The servant of Shri Rama is waiting for You in his house (body),

Sankat*i pavave, nirvan! raks$have, suravar vandana, Jay Deva,

At times of problems You save us, from calamities You protect us, O greatest of the Deities, we bow to You.

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