Ananda bhairavi

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The One who cannot be conquered.

The Swan Goddess who can separate water from milk.

Stationed in the triangular Sacrum bone. || The One who showers all grace and compassion on Her devotees.

The Eternal One who dwells in the triangle of the Muladhar

Coloured with the supreme nectar of divine love.

The Goddess whose knowledge is the greatest bliss.

The Whiteness of purity.


All Forms of beauty


The One to whom we get connected through devotion.

The One who rewards devotion with prosperity. Ancient and Ever-lasting. The One whose essence is the bliss of devotion. The One who exists through devotion.

The Giver of auspiciousness and happiness to Your devotees.

The Abode of all beauty.

Abundant with all good fortune and prosperity.

The Goddess of all enjoyment and pleasures.

The Symbol of all happiness and joy.

The Virgin Mother pleased by worship.

The Observer of the vow of celibacy.

The Virgin who is made happy by devotion.

The Foundation of the holy form of a virgin.

Pleased with the worship of purity.

Fond of those who honour purity.

Devoted to those who worship the Virgin Goddess.

Dwelling in the hearts of those who honour Your virgin form.

The Consort of Shri Bhairava, the terrifying form of Lord Shiva in Your aspect as Divine Bliss

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