Aur manorath jo ko lavaiIf someone comes to You with a desire in Tasu amit jivan phal

pavai. mind, You give that person the unlimited fruits of life.

29) Charom jug. paratap. Tumhara, Your bright glory travels all directions and

Hai parasiddh. jagat ujiyara. ages, The world knows the supreme success of Shri Hanuman.

30) Sadhu sant. ke Tum. rakhaware, You are the protector of seekers and saints,

Asur. nikandan. Ram. dulare. You are the destroyer of the Asuras, the evil forces.

31) Asht*a siddhi nav. nidh! ke data, You dispense the eight powers and the nine As. var. d!n. Janak! Mata. types of wealth, As a boon bestowed on You by the Divine Mother Janaki.

32) Ram. rasayan. Tumhare pasa, You possess the Divine elixir of Shri Rama's

Sada raho Raghupati ke dasa. Name; You are ever the Servant of

Lord Rama.

33) Tumhare bhajan. Ram. ko pavai, By singing hymns in Your praise one

Janam. janam. ke dukh. Bisaravai. reaches Shri Rama; And is freed from the sorrows of many lifetimes.

34) Ant. kala Raghubar. pur. ja-!, In the end such a one enters the Divine

Jahom janma Hari-bhakta kaha-!. abode of Shri Rama; If reborn, he becomes a devotee of Shri Vishnu.

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