Bhaga lingarchana prita

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Having the form of the Gracious Lord who dispenses the six divine attributes; innocence, prosperity, renunciation, right action, liberation and fame.

Immovably fixed in happiness and loveliness.

The Embodiment of feminine virtues as a sister and wife.

The Foundation of all excellence. The Essence of all happiness. The One whose form is the support of all welfare. Abundantly dispensing wealth and happiness. The One who takes expression as the outward forms.

Enamoured of all the manifestations of the Supreme Spirit.

Dwelling in the forms that express the Formless Spirit.

The One who is established in the outward tokens of the indwelling Spirit.

The One who is the manifest expression of the


Manifesting as the subtle body. The Beautiful Shakti of Lord Shiva.

Highly Propitiated by praises of the God's creation.

The Greatest Ecstasy from the songs of the Lord Eternally Blessed by reciting the names of Lord Shiva

Always Delighted with those who bow to Lord Shiva.

Perennially Enjoying the worship of Lord Shiva. Eternally Pleased with the names of Lord Shiva. Adorned with a characteristic garland around Your neck.

Bedecked with a garland of the six Godly attributes.

Enjoying the nectar of the Mystical union of Shri Shiva and the Kundalini Shakti in the Sahasrara. The Essence of the nectar of the Mystical union of the Purusha and Prakriti.

Pleased by worship of #di Shakti and the Supreme Spirit.

Bhaga linga swa-rupinT || Bhaga linga swa-rupa (cha) Bhaga linga sukh-avaha | 850 Swayam-bhu kusuma prTta

Swayam-bhu kusum-archita|| Swayam-bhu kusuma prana Swayam-bhu kusum-ot'hita | Swayam-bhu kusuma snata Swayam-bhu pushpa tarpita || Swayam-bhu pushpa ghat*ita Swayam-bhu pushpa dharinT | Swayam-bhu pushpa tilaka

Swayam-bhu pushpa-

860 Swayam-bhu pushpa nirata Swayam-bhu kusum-agraha | Swayam-bhu pushpa-

-yagny-anga Swayam-bhu kusum-atmika || Swayam-bhu pushpa rachita Swayam-bhu kusuma priya | Swayam-bhu kusum-adana-

-lalas-onmatta manasa || Swayam-bhu kusum-ananda--laharT snigdha dehinT || Swayam-bhu kusum-adhara Swayam-bhu kusum-akula | 870 Swayam-bhu pushpa nilaya

Swayam-bhu pushpa vasinT ||

Embodying the Oneness of Shri Shiva and Shakti.

Having as forms both the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Essences of The Creation. Conveying the bliss of the Shakti-Shiva conjunction.

Enjoying the Self-created Blossom, ie. the Created Universe as the manifestation of the Eternal Formless Parabrahma. The Chakras and Realised Souls are also 'Self-created flowers'.

Worshipped by the whole Creation. The Life-force of the Universe. Ever ready to elevate all creatures. The One who purifies the three worlds. Satisfied by the Creation of Shri Sadashiva. The #di Shakti who produces this Universe. The Foundation and Support of the Creation.

The Auspicious Mark that sanctifies this Universe.

The Goddess whom this Universe adorns as a precious unguent

Delighting in this manifestation of the Supreme. The Chief and Guide of this Universe.

The Embodiment of all the elements of the sacred Fire-ceremony that clears the Chakras.

The Presiding Spirit of the Self-created blossom. The One who fashions the Created Universe. Loving towards all creatures.

The One whose mind is completely distracted in the enjoyment of this creation of Shri Sadashiva.

The Smooth-Bodied Goddess as the Ocean of Bliss of realised souls.

The Upholder of the whole created system.

The Collectivity of realised souls.

The One whose home is the hearts of realised souls.

Residing in the Chakras.

Swayam-bhu kusuma snigdha Swayam-bhu kusum-otsuka |

Swayam-bhu pushpa karin! Swayam-bhu pushpa palika || Swayam-bhu kusuma dhyana Swayam-bhu kusuma prabha | Swayam-bhu kusuma gnyana Swayam-bhu pushpa bhogin! || Swayam-bhu kusum-ananda Swayam-bhu pushpa varshin! | Swayam-bhu kusum-otsaha

Swayam-bhu pushpa pushpin! |

Swayam-Swayam-Swayam-Swayam-Swayam-Swayam-890 Swayam-

Swayam-Swayam-Swayam-Swayam-Swayam-Swayam-Swayam-Swayam-Swayam-900 Swayam-Swayam-

bhu kusum-bhu pushpa bhu kusum-bhu pushpa bhu kusum-bhu kusum-bhu kusum-

otsanga rupin! || onmada sundar! | aradhya odbhava || avyagra bhu pushpa varnita | bhu pujaka pragnya bhu hotri matrika || bhu datri rakshitr! bhu bhakta bhavika | bhu kusuma pragnya bhu pujaka priya || bhu vandak-adhara bhu nindak-antaka | bhu prada sarvaswa bhu prada rupin! ||

Swayam-bhu pradasa smera Swayam vardha shar!rin! |

Affectionate to realised souls.

Exerting Yourself for the sake of Realised souls.

The Creator of the Universe. The Protectress of the whole Creation. The Meditation enjoyed by realised souls. The Radiance of those who know God. The Knowledge of the Chakras. The Enjoyer of the self-realised. The Bliss of self-realisation. Showering blessings on realised souls.

The Strength and Perseverance of the self-realised.

The Blossoming of the Chakras after self-realisation.

The Union of realised souls. Assuming the form of the Creation. The Rapture of Your children. The Beauty of the self-realised. Worshipped by realised souls. Born out of the Chakras.

The clear and undisturbed nature of realised souls.

Extolled by realised souls.

The Wisdom that comes through worship.

Every kind of sacrifice and worship.

The Guardian of the generous.

Full of feeling for true devotees.

The Subtlest Wisdom of the self-realised.

Fond of those who worship the Parabrahma.

The Support of those who worship God.

The Scourge of those who scorn the Supreme.

The Giver of everything good to the Creation.

Taking the Form of the Benefactress of the


The Confident Giver of Self-realisation. Able to spontaneously make Your body huge.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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