Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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The Dark Goddess who lives in the cremation ground. Thunderbolt-bodied.

The Light of the world illuminating the paths followed by all true seekers.

The One with exceedingly fierce jaws.

The One endowed with Cosmic Jaws.

The One who triumphs over evil.

The Saviour and the Redeemer of all evils.

Radiant Spirit like the sun.

The Spouse of Shri Shiva in His fierce form.

The Fierce Consort of Shri Mahadeva.

The Liberator of devotees from fear and doubt.

The One who rides in a chariot.

Happy on the battlefield.

The One who crushes all opposition.

The Slayer of the wicked Taraka.

The Wielder of the thunderbolt.

The Healing Influence.

Blowing a conch to strike fear into the demons. Wielding Shri Vishnu's Discus for war. Brandishing a Mace to crush the demons. The Ruler of the Lotuses (chakras). The Demon-killing Goddess bearing a Trident. The Divine Mother protecting devotees with a club. The Devi holding a noose as a punishment for evildoers.

The Compassionate Mother armed with a bow.

The One who drinks blood in the cosmic war.

Dedicated to destroying the demons.

The One who gives victory.

The One with a terrifying face.

The Cosmic Blaze, burning the asuras.

The One who knows no rest from slaying the asuras.

A Formidable Form for slaying the asuras.

Batu bhairavT

Bala bhairavT Maha-bhairavT Vatuka bhairavT Siddha bhairavT

Kankala bhairavT Kala bhairavT Kalagni bhairavT YoginT bhairavT

Shakti bhairavT Ananda bhairavT Martanda bhairavT Gaura bhairavT

Smashana bhairavT

Pura bhairavT Taruna bhairavT Param-ananda bhairavT Surananda bhairavT Gnyan-ananda bhairavT Uttam-ananda bhairavT Amrit-ananda bhairavT ChakreshwarT Raja chakreshwarT


Sadhakanam sukha karT Sadhak-ari vinashinT

Shukra nindaka nashinT Sadhak-adhi vinashinT

The Learned Goddess as the all-destroying Vigour of Shri Shiva.

The Child-like Wife of Shri Rudra.

The Great Consort of Shri Shiva.

The One who observes Celibacy.

The Divine Mother as the Source of all success and fulfilment.

The Ruler of the skull.

The Dark-hued Wife of Shri Shiva.

The Fierce Goddess who controls the flow of time.

The Consort of Shri Shiva in the form of the Great


The Power of Shri Shiva. The Joy of the Supreme Spirit. The Goddess as the Power of the Sun. The Pure and Untouched Goddess.

The Spirit of total Dissolution, who resides in the cremation ground. The Ancient Goddess. The Youthful Mother Kali. The Power of the Ida Nadi as Supreme Bliss. The One who gives Joy to the Devas. The Joy of the Highest Knowledge. The Supremely Joyful and Joy-giving Mother. The Immortal Joy of the Divine Nectar. The Holder of the discus for destroying the asuras. The Royal discus-Holder, making her devotees fearless.

Strong and Courageous. The One who gives happiness to devotees. The Mighty Mother who slays the forces which confront Your children.

The Slayer of those who insult the spirit of Purity. The Loving Mother who destroys the suffering of devotees.

Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devyai namo namaha

Bherunda Devi
Salutations to Shri Durg

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